Can Your Remote Access Support Solution Do This?

Are you satisfied with your department’s current remote access tools?  As an IT Director, you may want to say yes but there are many capabilities that you may be missing out on simply because you don’t know what is possible in a solution.  For example, all Proxy Networks products support each of the following standard features:

Viewer-side Capabilities Client-side Capabilities General Capabilities
  • Connect for Remote Control
  • Connection Notifications & Beep
  • Support for All Windows OS’s
  • Multi-Monitor Screen Capture
  • Connect with User Permission
  • Machines listed by Username or PC name (or both!)
  • Copy/Paste Clipboard Content
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Connect in Safe Mode w/Networking
  • “Favorites” and “History” Lists
  • Connect in “Stealth Mode”
  • Option to define your own Port/Protocol
  • Input Suppression
  • Always-On Remote Agent
  • Connect to VNC-enabled Mac
  • Remote Management
  • Wallpaper Ignore Option
  • IP Address Restrictions
  • Chat with End User
  • Password Protected Client
  • AD-based User Authentication
  • File Transfer (w/Resume)
  • Abort Connection by User
  • 24/7/365 Availability – “Always On” Clients
  • Full Screen, Fit to Window, 1:1
  • Automated & Silent client installs
  • Kill processes, start services, edit registry remotely

The flagship PROXY Pro RAS product adds each of the below capabilities to the above:

In addition to the above, PROXY Pro RAS adds: Centralization Capabilities
  • Android / IPhone Viewer (New for v10!)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (New for v10!)
  • Automatic recordings based on triggers (New for v10!)
  • Internal & External Connectivity
  • “On Demand” Remote Agent
  • Centrally Group & Organize Machines
  • Browser-based Remote Control
  • Many-to-One Connectivity
  • Centrally Define Access Rules
  • Connectivity to Thin Client Users
  • Unlimited Client PC License
  • Centrally Run Audit/Connection Reports
  • Send Wake-on-LAN and Connect
  • Purchase & Own for Life
  • Centralized Web Console
  • Screen Recording
  • Personal Use Accounts
  • Centralized SQL Database of Machines

While all of these features may not be relevant to your remote desktop needs, we’re sure that many of these capabilities will greatly benefit those in charge of managing hundreds or even thousands of endpoint machines that span across multiple locations not just domestically but globally.

If your remote access support solution is missing any of these capabilities, it will be time well-spent to look at what Proxy Networks has to offer you!  Click below to contact us or to schedule a demo when convenient!

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