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If you’re an IT Director or LAN Manager, you are familiar with remote desktop tools and their limitations.  This includes whether the same tool can be used to access not only machines within your LAN but also users with laptops who come online from various places other than your corporate network.  Does your current solution include enough built-in capabilities that one would need during remote desktop connections?  It could be time for something new!


  • Security tied to your own AD
  • Runs 100% On-Premise
  • Industry-standard AES-256 encryption
  • Attended or unattended
IT Directors need a secure, reliable remote desktop solution for accessing machines inside or outside of their organization. Helpdesk techs need to routinely provide support to end users on-demand, while IT administrators need an easy way to get to the desktops of each of the computers they manage.  The PROXY Pro Host client from Proxy Networks has been purpose-built to facilitate to both scenarios, cannibalizing the need for two separate tools.  The PROXY Pro Gateway “hub” component brokers connections and routes connections to endpoints based on the identity of the user launching the connections so that administrators get right in and support folks are explicitly let in by the end user at session start.

The PROXY Pro Host shows a tray icon, a pop-up notification and an audible chime when connections start and end.  Each of which can be enabled or disabled, globally or on a machine-by-machine basis so that connections are loud and obvious or stealthy quiet (and we do mean stealth!).


  • Screen record on demand
  • Set auto-recording triggers
  • Central storage of recordings
  • Export them to WMV
The types of issues your Support Team members are responsible for resolving may vary, and recording the more difficult issues allows for easy review later.  If your Support Team addresses the same sets of issues multiple times but with different end users, creating a self-help video library for end users to view can free up a lot of time for your Support Team members allowing them to move on to bigger and better projects within your IT department.  The PROXY Pro Gateway “hub” component stores recordings in a central location in Proxy’s own tiny proprietary format.  Recordings can be initiated with or without being connected and they can be exported to .WMV for playback in your preferred media player, or editing in something like Windows Movie Maker.  New for Proxy’s current release, recordings can be automatically initiated for each and every support session, ensuring you’ve got a recording on file to correspond with each and every support session.  While screen recording and playback might not be a feature used on a regular basis, consider yourself armed and ready should the need arise.


  • Connect by URL
  • Search by user or PC name
  • Connect from Browser
  • Connect from installed viewer
An extremely useful capability to look for in your remote access solution would be many-to-one connectivity, whereby multiple members of your organization or department can connect to the same endpoint machine at the same time for a true collaborative support session.  The PROXY Pro Web Console will provide you with a searchable list of machines and you can copy/paste a connection URL to a friend or colleague allowing them to join in the session to simply view or actually take remote control with you.  The PROXY Pro Web Console lists each available Host client machine through your web browser, untethering you from any traditional work computer or primary machine.  The traditional (installed) PROXY Pro Master viewer provides an easy-to-digest list view of machines and the right-click context menu on any machine offers a “Create connection shortcut” icon that can be saved to your desktop.  Double-click and you’re in – it can’t get much easier.


  • Connect with Permission
  • Connect in Stealth
  • Latency-friendly bandwidth settings
  • Naming conventions
  • Change Settings via command line or Deployment Tool
You might want some machines set up so that end users must explicitly click a button to “Allow” you to connect while other machines let you in automatically.  The default behavior of the PROXY Pro Host is such that you “click and get in” though we support “knocking before entering” and “entering only with user approval”.

Organizations especially in the oil & gas vertical heavily leverage and appreciate the PROXY Pro Host’s configurable bandwidth consumption settings.  Not every organization has a perfect latency-free network so the Host can make the most of it by using a reduced set of image capture parameters to result in a more fluid overall experience – even when bandwidth is limited.

Not every IT department or helpdesk is in love with their current computer naming conventions and Proxy makes it a non-issue.  The PROXY Pro Hosts can populate by computer name, user name, IP address – and even first/last name and email address for domain-joined machines.  The Host supports a number of variables like %NAME% and %USERNAME% which causes it to dynamically present itself to you as the logged-in user, the computer name or both – making finding machines from a big list super quick.


  • Audit user activity
  • View connections made by user
  • View connections made to Hosts
  • Central audit database
Does your current solution allow you to easily audit any and all connections made by members of your IT department to end users’ machines?  Proxy Networks fully appreciates the importance of generating connection audit reports, especially because the new normal for many, has been BYOD-centric.  Having an effective connection auditing system in place prevents the likelihood of spurious remote access/remote control sessions made by members of your organization.  The PROXY Pro Web Console lets you plug in technician’s username to see each of the computers they connected to or plug in a computer name to see a list of all users who connected to it.  Isn’t that exactly what you would expect to be able to do?

We hope that your current remote desktop software solution includes all of the capabilities you need.  PROXY Pro does what you need and more.  We’re proud to have remained ahead of the curve by providing the key functional elements and key capabilities that streamline and even revolutionize how your company uses remote desktop software.




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