Introducing the PROXY Pro Host Settings Updater Tool!

Hi Pals of Proxy,

Managing settings of the PROXY Pro Host clients just got easier!

The new PROXY Pro Host Settings Updater Tool can contact Hosts through an existing PROXY Pro RAS server to apply updated settings templates.  It gets installed with the latest Deployment Tool and was introduced in PROXY Pro v10.2 Hotfix #1 – click here to review last week’s post announcing its availability.  If Hosts are offline, the tool will automatically retry until updated settings have been successfully applied.  Managing Host Settings has been possible through a couple of different methods though they are not without technical limitations.  The PROXY Pro Deployment Tool’s “Update Host Settings” does require that target Host machines be powered on and connected to the same network as the machine running the tool.  The Host’s command-line configuration utility “PhSetup” is ideal for use within a login/startup script though this does require that the Hosts be domain-joined and be managed by Active Directory.  The new Host Settings Updater Tool addresses each of those limitations.

Updating Host Settings can be challenging if the Hosts are:

– Not domain-joined and cannot receive a login/startup command
– Not within the LAN preventing the Deployment Tool from performing “Update Host Settings”
– Not powered on at the time when the “Update Host Settings” command is sent

Even if Host machines are offline, the tool will repeat its attempts to update them until it does successfully do so because we understand that some customers may have machines that remain powered off for days or even weeks. In such a scenario, Host computers that do eventually come online will indeed receive their settings update.

For clear visibility into which machines have been updated and which have not, a “Task Report” button produces a text file with a list of Host machines and their GUIDs. In addition to the list of updated machines, a numeric tally indicates which have been updated and which have not at a quick glance.

The Host Settings Updater tool will ask for a JSON file when going about updating Host settings. A JSON file can be generated from either the PROXY Pro Deployment Tool or a Host (must be v10.2). From the Proxy Deployment Tool, right-click a Host Settings template and choose “Export to JSON…”.

Please review our PROXY Pro Host Settings Updater Documentation for complete coverage on its capabilities and how to go about using it.  Thanks for stopping by to check out what’s new with Proxy Networks!

-Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team