Performance-Enhanced Host for Windows 10

Howdy Proxy Pals,

Proxy Networks hereby announces the availability of PROXY Pro v9.0.1 Hotfix #4!  We’ve observed a steady rise in adoption of Windows 10 throughout our customer base, and some have reported a “less-than-stellar” remote control experience in certain situations.  Hotfix #4 contains improvements and enhancements in how the PROXY Pro Host gathers and transmits screen data, to ultimately deliver a more fluid experience overall.  We encourage all customers working with Windows 10 to upgrade to this release!

Private Cloud Edition customers can grab the latest file here, and can skim the Upgrade Guide here.

Gateway Edition customers can grab the latest here and can skim the Upgrade Guide here.

Workstation Edition customers  can grab the latest here and can skim the Upgrade Guide here.

Remember, the best way to thank us for the awesome remote desktop software is by recommending us to your pals at other companies!

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