PROXY Pro v10.0.0.3478 Hotfix #3 is now available!

Hello Pals of Proxy,

A new hotfix for PROXY Pro v10 has been released!  Our first customer ship of PROXY Pro v10 was launched in October of 2017 and today we are up to our third hotfix, with the highlights listed below.  Of note, we have now laid the groundwork for an exciting upcoming capability that enhances our compatibility especially within locked-down environments that permit traffic only on 443.  Our very next release will allow for the Proxy Web Console and Gateway components to share the same port number (which is typically 443) for both web traffic and remote control connections.  You can grab our latest at


  • The Gateway Server has a number of reliability and performance improvements. All customers using PROXY Pro Server v10 are encouraged to upgrade to Hotfix#3 for the best experience.
  • The Web Console now recognizes and supports additional extensions for Chrome that provide Click-Once Deployment support. See for the latest information and links to the supported extensions.
  • PROXY Pro Server logins of users that had a large number of security group memberships (more than approximately 80 groups) may not have been evaluated correctly; excessive groups were ignored, so user may not have been given all rights they were eligible for.
  • Installed Master fixed a bug with credentials prompting in peer-to-peer (Workstation Edition) connections.
  • Host has a compatibility update to work with a future PROXY Pro Server feature that allows Web Console and Gateway Server to share a single port for SSL/WSS connections. (This feature is known as “HTTPSYS support”, and is planned for PROXY v10.1 release.)
  • OpenSSL library has been updated to v1.0.2p release.

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-Ryan from Support