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lockHi Pals of Proxy,

As a company, we monitor our competition and the remote access & support industry in general. Recently, there’s been stories about a security breach at TeamViewer:

A friend of mine, who manages IT for a grocery store chain in Eugene, Oregon had this exact same problem happen to him at his job as a result of using TeamViewer a couple weeks ago. About five of his machines were affected because he used the same TeamViewer 4 or 6-digit pin code on each of his machines for convenience’s sake. A hacker was able to discover the pin code somehow and then re-used it to connect to more computers in my friend’s network.

As for the damage done, the hacker signed into Ebay on the machines he was controlling through TeamViewer, bought a bunch of iTunes gift certificates and redeemed them.

Interestingly, TeamViewer denies any responsibility. That may be the case but you must ask yourself:

  1. How did the hacker discover the pin code so easily?
  2. Why does TeamViewer allow the pin code to be re-used to connect to UNATTENDED machines?
  3. Are you putting your company’s machines at risk by using TeamViewer?

Thanks for making the switch to Proxy Networks. We’re very proud to have you as a customer, and the best thing you can do in return is to recommend us to your pals in IT at other companies.

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