PROXY Pro v10.0.0 Hotfix #1 is now available!

Hello Pals of Proxy,

Ryan from the Proxy Networks Support Team here with a big announcement!  PROXY Pro v10.0.0 Hotfix #1 has been released!  We have addressed a number of issues that were reported in our October release of v10.0.0 FCS (First Customer Ship).  This will be an in-place upgrade for any customers currently on v10 FCS.  Below you’ll be able to read up on the details – scroll to the bottom of this post for download information.  To obtain the content of this blog post in PDF format please click here.

Server Installation

  • In version 10.0.0, installation of the server software was greatly simplified by providing a bundle installer. This allowed all of the server-side components to be installed by running a single installation file. With Hotfix #1, we took this further and now guide the user step by step to ensure these components are configured correctly.  Additionally, we now actively guard against many potential mis-configurations.  Various scenarios which some customers ran into with the initial release have been collected, analyzed and now guarded against.

Server Configuration Check Utility

  • This is a new standalone utility added to help diagnose and modify a server installation. It will examine the server system’s configuration and identify possible configuration errors.  It also allows for easy changing of the DNS name,  networking ports, and SSL certificate selections for the installation.  This utility is conveniently accessible from the Windows Start menu.

Deployment Tool

  • In the initial release of v10.0.0, the PROXY Pro Deployment Tool had not been updated.  This release contains an updated release of the Deployment Tool (v10).  Installation of this tool will upgrade v9 and earlier versions while preserving the relevant/supported state. This resolves the issues around creating and applying configurations for the Master component.

Fixes Specific to PROXY Pro v10 Private Cloud Edition (which we are re-naming to RAS for Remote Access Server):

  • Various user interface glitches fixed throughout Web Console – popup display, column sorting, etc.
  • Gateway Server v10 TCP polling was broken.  The Gateway server tried to simultaneously connect to entire poll range, which caused severe problems for large polling ranges.  This now polls as before, one address at a time.
  • Security and Reliability “X-Forwarded-For” in HTTP header on WSS protocol caused Gateway crash.
  • Other reliability improvements that enhance the stability of Host, Master and Gateway components.
  • The Gateway server may not automatically remove transient Hosts that have gone away and may blank out most fields of a Host record if there was an error during Host status processing.
  • The latest OpenSSL, v1.0.2o, has been incorporated into the product.

Fixes for entire PROXY Pro v10 product line:

  • Better handling of transparent/invisible cursor shapes has been implemented.  Master now treats invisible pointer as equivalent to “null” pointer, so “show local cursor if Host cursor is missing or hidden” option works.
  • Cursor calibration now correct when scaling. Host user mode mouse input injection was wrong in multiple monitor configuration with different display scale factors.
  • Print spooler is now stopped as appropriate after installation of Remote Printing.
  • Master v10 was not sorting by IP address correctly.
  • Master cycling monitor window is now always view-only and cannot take input control.
  • Host Manage Visual Effects (MVE) feature is now more reliable, should restore wallpaper correctly, and manages ClearType setting explicitly.
  • Using PhSetup to repeatedly add security to Host configuration no longer creates duplicate entries
  • The End User License Agreement for all components (EULA) has been updated.
  • Master crash in specific circumstances fixed.
  • A Host crash in specific circumstances fixed.
  • Account validation on non-domain joined machines evaluates the authority.

Existing Private Cloud Edition customers looking to migrate to v10 from v9 should refer to our Best Practices for Migration Guide which explains how to get onto v10 without any disruption or operational impact to your current version.

PROXY Pro v10.0.0 Hotfix #1 is available for download from

Please send your v10 license inquiry to and we’ll handle your request in the order that it was received.

Thanks for your patience!

-Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team

Implementations Wizard

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