PROXY Pro v10.3 Hotfix #1 is now available!

Hello Friends of Proxy,

Proxy Networks has now released PROXY Pro v10.3 Hotfix #1!  Below you’ll find a summary of changes and new features pulled from our “What’s New?” release notes PDF.  Below you’ll find a link to download the latest version along with a link to our Best Practices for Upgrading doc which ought to address the majority of upgrade-related questions.

PROXY Pro RAS customers can review the RAS upgrade guide here and download the RAS software zip file here.

PROXY Pro P2P customers can review the P2P upgrade guide here and download the P2P software zip file here.

•  New feature: HTML5 Remote Control clipboard support now supports placing a selected file (uploaded from the client browser) onto the Host clipboard; this file can then be Pasted on the Host into the file system.  This feature provides a basic file transfer capability (from Master to Host only) within the HTML5 Remote Control experience. This works with all Hosts that support file objects on the clipboard (both Windows and Macintosh), up to a file size of 28 megabytes.

•  Web Console now correctly detects the “ClickOnce Deployment” ready state of all browsers on Windows to correctly choose when to use ClickOnce Deployment of the helper applications.  Previously, some scenarios in Web Console, and some browser configurations, were not properly detected.

•  A resource leak in Web Console in the HTML5 Remote Control component could cause the process to run out of address space and stop accepting new logins with error 0xC004C056; this has been fixed.

•  A regression bug in installed Master on Windows prevented the Gateway Hosts tab, Hosts listview, from preserving user customizations (changes in column order, changes in column width, which column to sort by, etc.) when a new Gateway Server was connected to, or when the existing connection was refreshed.

•  A transport-layer issue could cause TCP connections to take up to 30 seconds to close; this most commonly impacted the Master Connection Window closing a Peer-to-Peer connection to a Host via TCP.

•  The Web Console “Host Settings” feature now reliably prompts for end-to-end credentials; previously, an incorrect error code may have prevented the prompt from appearing.

•  Deployment Tool “Export Settings to JSON File” was not exporting the Installation Files list; this meant that exporting the settings and importing them for another user, or on another machine, did not restore this state.  This is now fixed and these settings are exported (and later imported) correctly.

•  Several Host station name macros (including USERUPN, USERDISPLAY, and USEREMAIL) depend on lookups from Active Directory.  If the user logs in when a domain controller is inaccessible, these values cannot be retrieved, however, when a DC becomes available later (e.g. if user gets on a VPN to the corporate network), the Host did not update them.  The Host now attempts to refresh this information when there is a network address list change (e.g. changing networks or joining/leaving a VPN).

•  Host for Macintosh and Master for Macintosh are now “sleep aware” and respond promptly when the Macintosh sleeps or wakes up, restoring connections much quicker than previous releases.

Thanks for keeping up with us!

-Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team