PROXY Pro v10.3 Hotfix #5 is now available!

Hello Friends of Proxy,

Proxy Networks has released PROXY Pro v10.3 Hotfix #5!

PROXY Pro RAS customers can review the RAS upgrade guide here and download the software zip file here.

PROXY Pro P2P customers can review the P2P upgrade guide here and download the software zip file here.

We will be upgrading PROXY Air servers, our hosted remote desktop service, over the course of the next couple weeks starting as soon as next Saturday evening during the next planned maintenance window.

In this release we have addressed a handful of corner cases that had been reported and affect only the PROXY Pro RAS Edition.  There are no new features to report on this time around, just some bug fixes.  Although we always encourage customers to upgrade to the latest version whenever possible, this one might be considered “optional” unless of course you are affected by any of the corner cases we have addressed noted below.  Below is a direct copy/paste from the release notes and for a complete historical breakdown of what’s changed release-by-release feel free to skim our “What’s New?” release notes PDF.

Major changes in this release:
• An issue that could cause Analytics data to not be available for reporting has been found and fixed.  Under rare circumstances, the transformation of basic audit data into the reportable version seen in the Analytics tabs could fail because of a timeout due to long processing times.  The Gateway Server, which controls this process, now has a much longer timeout, and processes the data in chunks, to prevent this from happening.  Any systems with a backlog of data will self-heal after an upgrade to this release.

• Powershell scripting operations to configure the PROXY Pro Server could fail due to a time out under limited circumstances.  The timeout limit has been increased in this release to avoid this problem.

• The “DbInstallerCmd” utility is used to update the database from an earlier release to the latest version and is normally run automatically by the Server Products installer.  This utility has a new command line switch “/nobackup” to suppress the automatic backup that normally runs (when there is a schema version update).  Manually running this command, with this switch, is recommended in environments that have a large database and a strong backup policy.

• The PROXY Pro Server Configuration Check utility did not handle machine-local Gateway Server service accounts correctly when trying to select an SSL certificate, causing the selection for the Gateway Server (but not IIS) to fail.  This is now fixed.

• Gateway Settings > Auditing > “Automatically delete log files older than” minimum setting value has been updated.  Previously, this could be set as low as 1 day; the new minimum is 31 days. The installation default value is 40 days, so most installations are not affected by this change.  If a setting value of less than 31 is in effect before upgrade, it will be changed to 31 days during the upgrade.

Work continues on PROXY Pro v10.4 and one of the features on the way is Screen Blanking on Windows 10.  We’ll be sure to announce its availability once it does arrive!  Thanks!

Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team