PROXY Pro v10.3 is now available!

Hello Friends of Proxy,

Proxy Networks has now released PROXY Pro v10.3!  Below you’ll find a summary of changes and new features pulled from our “What’s New?” release notes PDF.  Below you’ll find a link to download the latest version along with a link to our Best Practices for Upgrading doc which address the majority of upgrade-related questions.

PROXY Pro RAS customers can review the RAS upgrade guide here and download the RAS software zip file here.

PROXY Pro P2P customers can review the P2P upgrade guide here and download the P2P software zip file here.

(1/15) PROXY Pro Host for Mobile (Android and Apple iOS Devices)

PROXY Pro RAS v10.3 introduces support for screen viewing of Android devices (v8 “Oreo” or later) and Apple iOS devices (iOS v11.2 or later).  These phones and tablets will run a native application that will provide an On Demand Host (HOD) that can be configured to report to a standard v10.3 PROXY Pro RAS server.

When the app has been installed and the server upgraded, simply tap “Share” from your Proxy Web Console landing page to launch the app to begin screen sharing.  Either search for us on the app store or use the direct links below:

Host on Demand for Android:

Host on Demand for iOS:

(2/15) New and Easier Identification of All Hosts – Installed and HOD

A new mechanism to help identify a specific Host, installed or on Demand (HOD), in the Web Console or installed Master has been implemented.  The Host instance will be assigned a unique 6-digit personal identification number (PIN) that the end user can provide to the Master user for quick identification.  This will be the case for all Host implementations, both installed and On Demand and for all platforms (Windows, Macintosh and the new Android and iOS sessions).  This is especially helpful for non-enterprise managed machines where station names may not contain information that is meaningful to the Master user.

(3/15) Quick Connect ability directly from the Web Console Landing Page

PROXY Pro RAS Edition customers’ Hosts can now be connected to by simply entering the 6-digit PIN, as discussed in the item above, directly into the landing page of the Web Console.  The security model remains intact as credentials will still be required, but upon entering credentials, the Master user will be brought directly to the associated desktop.

(4/15) Gateway Server Component as a Native 64-bit (x64) Application

Improved capacity for the PROXY Pro RAS server component for Hosts reporting from the internet.  Along with Windows 64-bit Operating Systems, increased addressable memory relaxes capacity restrictions, allowing up to 2500 reverse connections from Hosts – (a 25% increase).

(5/15) Macintosh File and Folder Transfer via Clipboard

For PROXY Pro RAS customers, the Host and Master for Macintosh now support file transfer using the clipboard.  This includes single file, group of files, and folders with recursive transfer.  This functionality works both from Macintosh to Macintosh as well as between Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

(6/15) Remote Management Service Improvements

In both RAS and P2P Editions, performance and reliability improvements have been made in the Remote Management feature of the connection window with special attention to, and a drastic improvement in, the speed of the “Software Manager -> Installed Products” node.

(7/15) In-Browser Connection Window Allows Easy Launch of the Full Client

In PROXY Pro RAS, a new button on the In-Browser (HTML5) connection window allows an easy switch to the full client, ClickOnce or installed Master, when available.  The full clients support functionality like File Transfer and Remote Management.

(8/15) Improved and Streamlined Experience for Launching Master and Host on Mac and iOS

In PROXY Pro RAS, both Mac machines and iOS devices now make the process of launching Master and Host simpler.  Previously, PROXY prompted to ensure required helper apps were installed before trying to launch them.  In v10.3, a newly designed web page automatically launches the apps if they’re already installed and provides instructions on how to get them (by download or AppStore) they’re not yet installed.

(9/15) Ability to Hide Unused Window Tabs in Installed Master

Applying to both RAS and P2P customers, we have reintroduced the ability to configure the installed Master UI to hide the window tabs that are not in use by that installation.  For example, RAS customers can choose to hide the “P2P Hosts” tab or vice versa.

(10/15) Integration of the latest OpenSSL Library Series (v1.1.1)

To keep up with the latest security trends, the OpenSSL Library integrated with PROXY Pro is now the v1.1.1 series as of this release (v10.3).

(11/15) Dynamic Station Name Resolution

In both RAS and P2P Edition, Hosts that are configured to use Dynamic Station Name Macros will now display the evaluated name in their Host Control Panel or settings, depending upon the Host.  This is helpful in order to know what the Master user should expect to see for the reported Host Station Name.

(12/15) Easy Scroll to Navigate Viewing Larger Desktops

In both RAS and P2P Editions, easily scroll across desktops larger than the Master connection window by simply holding either of the SHIFT keys and moving the pointer to any edge of the screen.  This is available in both the Installed and ClickOnce Master for Windows as well as the Master for Mac.

(13/15) Send Clipboard as Keystrokes to Login Screen

The Master for Windows in P2P and RAS Editions and the ClickOnce Master, and Master for Mac in the RAS Edition now support “Send Clipboard as Keystrokes” function.  This takes plain text on the clipboard and types the corresponding characters, which is useful for entering credentials in places where the clipboard functionality is not available, e.g. the Windows logon screen.

(14/15) Responsive Web Console Landing Page

The RAS Edition’s Proxy Web Console will now display cleanly on various screen sizes for phone, desktop and iPad.

(15/15) PROXY Air will now Support Mobile Host Devices

The new Hosts for iOS and Android, as discussed above, will be supported in our PROXY Air service.

Thank you Proxy Networks Engineering for all of the major accomplishments in this release and thank you to all of our customers who have helped play an active role in shaping past, present and future PROXY Pro versions.

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Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team