PROXY Pro v10 is now available!

Hello Pals of Proxy, PROXY Pro v10 is now available!


Proxy Networks is proud to welcome PROXY Pro v10 to the world!  Version 10 marks the beginning of the 3rd generation of PROXY Pro technology.  This new generation allows development to use the latest tools and technologies available, leading to even more robust and secure code. The new architecture helps to lay the foundation for many enhancements today.  Until PROXY Pro v10, authentication has been tied to Microsoft Windows accounts, using the Windows Security model for authorization.  Version 10 allows us to break free from that in order to use alternative identity providers and provide multi-factor authentication.  PROXY Pro v10 can be configured to talk directly to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant for authorization and multi-factor authentication.


You’re likely familiar with the hierarchical grouping concepts and structure found in any Microsoft Active Directory and version 10 allows for hierarchical grouping of Host machines.  These groups will have security inheritance and Active Directory synchronization via Host Grouping rules so that workstations end up appearing in their respective groups within PROXY Pro automatically.  This eliminates grouping Host machines manually and would truly allow for your Host grouping structure to match your AD infrastructure.  The server-side installation process as a whole has been streamlined and the components (Gateway Server, Web Console, SQL instance) were once required to live on the same server.  This restriction is removed in v10 and each component can run on a separate box if desired.  This was specifically designed around customers with separately managed SQL instances and especially with high-availability clusters would appreciate this most.


One of the most groundbreaking features we’d like to introduce lies right in your pocket – Android users can use their phones to take remote view and control of Host machines leveraging our new HTML5-based viewer.  Connections to Host computers launch from your phone’s browser from your company’s Proxy Web Console instance.  Each connection gets launched in a new tab for multi-tasking purposes so it’s easy to launch several connections at once and toggle between them.  Our HTML5-based viewer support extends to recordings playback (a standard feature included with the Private Cloud Edition) meaning recordings also conveniently launch as tabs.


Existing Private Cloud Edition customers looking to migrate to v10 should refer to our Best Practices for Migration Guide which explains how to get onto v10 without any disruption or operational impact to your current version.


PROXY Pro v10 is available for download from


Please send your v10 license inquiry to and we’ll handle your request in the order that it was received.  Thanks for your patience!

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