PROXY Pro v8.10.2 Hotfix #3 is now available!

Hi Pals of Proxy,

Proxy Networks hereby announces the availability of PROXY Pro v8.10.2 Hotfix #3!  For any customers running v8.10.x who are not planning to upgrade to version 9, or cannot upgrade to v9 due to change control reasons or otherwise, this release is for you!  Below you will find a summary of fixes.

– Improvements to Status Updating

A long-running Host could crash due to an address space leak in Host status reporting.  This could cause Hosts to appear with an incorrect status on the Master and/or Web Console.  Additionally, there are other status reporting improvements, especially around failed status reports to overloaded Gateway Servers.

– Gateway Server reliability improvements

We’ve identified and fixed a bug whereby the Gateway suffers a memory leak that can degrade its performance over time.

– Gateway Certificate Manager reliability improvement

The Gateway Certificate Manager now checks for “write encryption” access right to attempt change the Gateway encryption settings.

Improvements to Clipboard Transfer

Clipboard Transfer functionality through the Gateway Server would stop working if the Master initiated a transfer, released input control, and later got input control back – this is no longer the case.

– Screen Recording Playback Improvements

The Proxy Master’s “Play recorded session from URL” now works more reliably.

Workstation Edition customers, click here to grab the software zip file.

Gateway Edition customers, click here to grab the software zip file.

Private Cloud Edition customers, click here to grab the software zip file.

I’ll reiterate that this announcement applies to customers on version 8.10.x, who are not upgraded to v9 already.  Work continues steadily on PROXY Pro v10!

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