PROXY Pro v9.0.1 Hotfix #1 is now available!

gear iconAs of today, PROXY Pro v9.0.1 Hotfix #1 is now available! 

Customers can head to to grab the latest software zip file. This hotfix release contains bug fixes and the just-released OpenSSL library (v1.0.2h) which addresses the latest security vulnerabilities, and also fixes a few Deployment Tool bugs. We were able to identify ways to deliver significant performance enhancements to the Proxy Master and Web Console when retrieving Hosts and/or Host Groups from the Gateway. The customers with many thousands of Hosts will notice the improvement most. A number of miscellaneous bug fixes are included as well. Below you’ll find a summary, taken from our Release Notes PDF.

Deployment Tool:

  • Deploying Host settings via “Update Host Settings” no longer reports a spurious error if the configuration includes Remote Printing deployment instructions.
  • Master configuration, Gateways setting “Remove all gateways from settings” checkbox clarified in the user interface.
  • “Copy to Clipboard” option now generates list of installation and product-specific settings with correct delimiter.
  • “Update Master Settings” no longer deletes administrator-defined Gateway configurations when product configuration does not define any and the “remove” checkbox is not checked.

Master for Mac:     

  • Clipboard Transfer operations were broken against Gateway Server v9.0.
  • The “About” box now shows correct version and copyright information.

Web Console:   

  • Forms authentication no longer requires the account authority to be specified.
  • Additional improvements in error handling, detection, and security validation.

That’s all for now! PROXY Pro v10 development is well underway and on schedule, though we’ll continue to provide security updates and/or hotfixes for v9 when necessary. By the way, the best way to thank us for the awesome remote desktop software is to recommend PROXY to your pals at other companies!

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