PROXY Pro v9.0.1 Hotfix #5 is now available!

Hello Pals of Proxy,

This post announces the availability of PROXY Pro v9.0.1 Hotfix #5!  We’re committed to continue patching our current latest-and-greatest release in tandem with our efforts to finish up PROXY Pro v10, to be released in June 2017.  It’s been about six months since we’ve posted an interim release and within that time frame we’ve been busy fixing a good number of bugs along with incorporating some enhancements.  Today, we have updated our downloads page to now offer the latest version and for the sake of convenience to our subscribers I’ve embedded the links to download and upgrade at the bottom of this post.

The following is a list of enhancements and fixes for v9.0.1 Hotfix #5:

  • Updated SSL/TLS Support – The latest OpenSSL libraries have been incorporated (OpenSSL 1.0.2k).
  • Host Safe Mode Support – The Host Service now correctly starts in Windows Safe Mode on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 in all known configurations.  The Host logic for Restart in Safe Mode has improved performance which improves startup time on some systems.
  • Deployment Tool – The tool now correctly supports machine names longer than 15 characters (the NETBIOS limit) in an Active Directory organization.  The full correct DNS name is used to access these machines.
  • Remote Printing Bug Fix An installer error was reported when installing the Remote Printing component after the Windows 10 Creators Edition update had been applied. This error occurred in Host and Master installers if installing the Remote Printing component (which is optional, but enabled by default), or if the standalone Remote Printing installer was used. Note that upgrading to Creators Edition after Remote Printing is installed does not cause a problem; the error only occurred on a new install.
  • Gateway Certificate Manager Enhancement – The utility now creates certificates that have improved compliance with industry standards.  Specifically, the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) entry is populated with the Common Name of the certificate.
  • Proxy Host Control Panel “Test Gateway” – On the PHCP’s “Gateways” tab, “test Gateway connection” has been fixed to avoid an erroneous error report when configuring a Host to report to a future version of a Gateway server.

Depending on which version you own, use the links below to grab the latest version and upgrade doc.

Remember, the best way to thank us for the awesome remote desktop software is by recommending us to your pals at other companies!


-Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team

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