PROXY Pro v9.0.1 is now available!

Hi Pals of Proxy,

PROXY Pro v9.0.1 is now available and here’s what’s new! Grab the latest software zip file from and skim the upgrade guide for a refresher on best practices.

Changes to all PROXY Pro v9.0.1 products include:  

1) Export / Import of Deployment Tool settings: You now have the ability to export and re-import important settings for the PROXY Pro Deployment Tool via a JSON-formatted text file. This makes copying state from one machine to another much more straight forward.


2) Host installation default settings improvement: In an effort to improve the user experience just out of the box, a clean installation of the PROXY Pro Host will now have a default Station Name configured with the macro %NAME% instead of the machine name at the time of installation. This change will allow the Host’s Station Name to automatically be updated if the machine name changes. Also, the IPX protocol will now be disabled by default.

3) Deploy and update pre-installed Master Gateway Configurations: The PROXY Pro Deployment Tool now allows you to define one or more Gateway configurations to deploy along with the installation of the PROXY Pro Master. Also, there is now the ability to define a new or updated set of Gateway configurations and push them out to existing installations of PROXY Pro Master. Up until now, the installed Master was not ready for Gateway based connections until someone manually added a Gateway configuration.


4) Password guessing lockout: The PROXY Pro Networking component now automatically locks out connection requests from any IP address that fails to authenticate after a certain number of attempts in a certain amount of time. This prevents scripted attempts to guess passwords.

5) Selectively install Remote Printing: The Host and Master installers now make the new-for-v9 Remote Printing feature optional. The installer dialog provides the option, with the default to install all components.The MSIEXEC command line also allows for this option.

6) Master auto-connect for Remote Printing is now optional: The installed Master now has an option to not auto-connect the Remote Printing service. This appears in the Options > Master Settings dialog, in a new tab “Remote Printing”. This feature is added primarily to ensure that administrators/supervisors who want to connect in a “stealth” way to a user/agent, without them being alerted.

Changes specific to the PROXY Pro Gateway Edition v9.0.1:

1) Gateway Server now verifies SPNs: When the Gateway server service starts, it now does a check to verify the registered SPNs for the Gateway service and audit logs any issues or errors. Also, the CheckSPNs utility program now has improved messaging.

2) Improved Host status reporting logic for multiple Gateway entries: Host logic to correctly report to a Gateway where multiple configurations referring to the same Gateway are used have been improved. Specifically, the number of connections made by the Host to that Gateway have been reduced.

Changes specific to the PROXY Pro Private Cloud Edition v9.0.1:

1) Re-enabled Firefox ClickOnce support: Upon request to support, a Web Console administrator can enable the Host on Demand and ClickOnce connection window to be available in the Firefox browser. Support for this browser had been halted when Microsoft withdrew their ClickOnce “addin”. We can now enable the use of this browser with certain caveats.

2) Security hardened Web Console: The PROXY Pro Web Console has undergone a major security review and overhaul.  Issues addressed include enhanced protection against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack, and SQL injection attacks. (Thanks to Ezenta A/S,, for working with us to improve security.)

3) Password guessing lockout: The PROXY Pro Networking component now automatically locks out connection requests from any IP address that fails to authenticate after a certain number of attempts in a certain amount of time.  This prevents scripted attempts to guess passwords.

4) Forms Authentication: In addition to Windows Authentication, the Web Console now supports Forms authentication.  Basic authentication is no longer supported. This makes logout and login-As more robust and reliable.  It also enables Apple products to work more reliably with the Web Console. From an end-user’s perspective, Forms and Basic authentication methods are functionally equivalent.


5) Analytics default period now covers past 24 hours: Instead of displaying a 24-hour period covering 12:00 AM of the current day to 12:00 AM of the following day, “Analytics” reports will now default to showing the past 24-hours based on your local time zone.

6) Improved, and more intuitive, searching in Web Console: The global Find Host search box now behaves more like the extremely well received installed Master “filter” functionality. In addition, all appropriate search boxes throughout the WC no longer requires wildcard characters (“A*/*G*/*N”) to search for a partial name.


7) Web Console’s “Host Details” popup includes more information: For convenience, and completeness, the “Host Details” dialog popup will now include the “Machine Name” and “User” information.

8) Updated iOS app published to the Apple app store: A new version of the “PROXY Remote” app for iOS has been published to the Apple app store. It includes support for Web Console Forms authentication mode, including credentials autofill. Minor defects have also been fixed around navigation and cancelation of Web Console validation while adding or editing a Web Console entry.

9) Web Console now has the option to display more rows per page: The Web Console had previously been restricted to showing a maximum of 50 rows per page. This has been expanded to now allow for 100, 150 and 250 rows per page. The setting for this is in the Web Console “Settings” page.


10) Updated SSL/TLS support: The latest OpenSSL libraries have been incorporated – (v1.0.2g). Customers with internet-facing Gateway Servers listening are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

PROXY Pro v9.0.1 will go down in history as the most content-rich “Maintenance Release” we’ve ever had — and we’re not stopping here. PROXY Pro v10 is on the horizon for 2016!

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  1. Markus Betschart

    Is Proxy Master/Host Version 7 compatible with Windows 10?

    1. Ryan Gallager (Post author)

      Proxy v9, released in December, introduced support for Windows 10. Proxy v7 might work on Win10 but it’s untested and unsupported. Thanks for checking!


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