Proxy Web Console & SmartScreen issues fixed!

unnamedAttention Private Cloud Edition customers, we have an update!

You may have seen this type of warning if you’re on Windows 10, and are using the PROXY Pro Web Console at your organization. We’ve resolved an issue regarding the usage of the PROXY Pro Web Console and Windows “SmartScreen” which had been flagging our components as risky. Customers that have already downloaded and deployed PROXY Pro v9.0.1 Hotfix #1 would only need to upgrade their Web Console and not even the Gateway (so, just install GatewayWeb.msiquick and painless!). The reason for this “slipstream” release is mostly about changes to our digital signing that had been resulting in Windows 10 reporting “SmartScreen” ( ) warnings. These warnings were being generated on some Windows 10 machines when downloading any of the ClickOnce apps (Share my Desktop, Connection Window, Clear ClickOnce Cache). We now have new SHA2 based signing certificates that we are using to avoid this.

At your convenience, head to our downloads page  to grab the latest Private Cloud Edition software zip file, which contains the latest Web Console installer (GatewayWeb.msi).

Essentially, Microsoft made a policy change in January 2016 (which was originally slated to happen in February 2017) and didn’t publicize it very well.  For anyone whose interested in learning more, Microsoft put together a complete set of technical details here.

That’s all for now!

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