Raising the Bar with Remote Access Expectations

Proxy Networks is all about Remote Access, Remote Support & Remote Control.  While that may sound fairly simple, we know that there’s a lot more to it than simply taking control of the keyboard & mouse of another machine at the other end of the connection.  You should expect more from a remote access solution – we certainly do.

Remote Access, in general has become a saturated market in recent years and each solution has its share of limitations.  Our goal is to provide an all-inclusive product offering that combines all of the capabilities & feature sets one would expect today while constantly evolving our product line to keep up with current market trends.  Proxy RAS is the culmination of all Proxy products in the past & now offers the best of all worlds by giving you the look, feel & convenience of a cloud-based solution with the exception that you own, operate & manage Proxy under your own roof.

Identifying the most ideal remote access solution for you ultimately depends upon what your requirements are today & what they will be going forward.

Having a tool that provides your IT Department (or any members of your organization of your choosing) with the ability to have secure, browser-based remote access that’s reliable, easy-to-use & also robust enough so that the same solution can be used on all of your desktops, remote users’ laptops, production class servers & even into users’ thin client sessions like Citrix.  As of 2017, the Proxy Host on Demand allows the end-user’s screen to be shared on a true, on-the-fly basis while still ensuring data ownership since the SaaS-nature of Proxy RAS runs within your environment.  You’ll enjoy the look & feel of a cloud-based solution while underneath it all, you truly own your confidential data.

Think you need separate tools to cover all of your bases?  Think again!  Our Engineering & Development Teams here at Proxy have been especially hard at work these past couple years, taking our existing tried-and-true product known as the Gateway Edition and layering on a browser-based front end, known as the “Proxy Web Console.”  What this means for you is that the machines you’re responsible for supporting are available for connectivity from your browser & actually connecting to them is just another click away.  The Proxy Web Console is now an enterprise-class product that allows your IT Department to own, operate & manage your own remote access support portal in-house behind your own firewall.  And we’ve designed this with the intent of alleviating the need for customers to invest in multiple remote access solutions to accommodate all of your use-cases and/or technical requirements.

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