Remote Support – Does your Current Solution Provide all of the Tools You Need?

If you’re an IT Director or LAN Manager, you are familiar with remote access tools and their limitations.  This includes whether the same tool can be used to access not only machines within your LAN but also users with laptops who come online from various places other than your corporate network.  Does your current solution include enough built-in capabilities that one would need during remote access connections?

  • Define your own Remote Access Process:  We know that IT Directors enjoy having control over how the remote access process works, in terms of defining which members of your team have access to machines (or groups of machines); the entire IT department doesn’t necessarily need remote access into production class servers.  You might also want the ability to centrally define security settings like this as well.
  • Session Recording Capabilities:  The types of issues your Support Team members are responsible for resolving may vary and recording the more difficult issues allows for easy review later.  If your Support Team addresses the same sets of issues multiple times but with different end users, creating a self-help video library for them to view can free up a lot of time for your Support Team members allowing them to move on to bigger and better IT projects.
  • Many-to-One Connectivity:  An extremely useful capability to look for in your remote access solution would be many-to-one connectivity, whereby multiple members of your IT department can connect to the same endpoint machine at the same time for a true collaborative support session.
  • Flexible Client Behavior:  You might want some machines set up so that end users must explicitly click a button to “Allow” you to connect, while other machines let you in automatically.
  • Audit Reporting: Does your current solution allow you to easily audit any and all connections made by members of your IT department to end users’ machines?  We have found that the importance of generating audit reports is becoming more and more paramount, especially with the ongoing trend of BYOD growing in popularity.  Having an effective connection auditing system in place prevents the likelihood of spurious remote access/remote control sessions made by members of your organization.  With Proxy Networks, you can even go as far as disabling Windows RDP entirely so that all remote access connectivity logs can be pulled centrally, by you, the Network Administrator.

Does your current remote access solution include all of the capabilities you need?  PROXY Pro 10 does – and more!  We’re proud to say that we’re ahead of the curve by providing the key functional elements and capabilities that not only streamline but revolutionizes your remote desktop processes.

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