Remotely Supporting the Road Warrior

Your employees aren't always in the office. Sometimes they're on the road or in a remote location and they need access to IT support.  The most notable business issue associated with a remote workforce, is how to provide fast and safe technical support when your employees need it. Remote Support has to be secure, reliable, accessible from anywhere, and easy to provide.  Remote workers also need to be educated as to  safe practices to keep devices up and running and secure to prevent the call to support in the first place.

Tips for the Road Warrior

Understand the Risk of Public Connections

While it's great to have the ease of use that comes with free public Wi-Fi options, they are not always safe. If your employees have to use a public Wi-Fi network, make sure that they understand the risks and choose carefully. Employees should make sure the network really belongs to the coffee shop or other business where they are located. It is always best, if possible, to use a VPN to encrypt the traffic, always disable file sharing, and verify the name of the network before connecting.

Encrypt data and use password protection

There are a variety of simple things employees can do to protect the data on a laptop, and which methods are chosen will depend on the sensitivity of the information the machine contains. The very basic protection all laptops should use: requiring a password to log in. The next step, which can be taken if the data requires an additional layer of security, is to encrypt the laptop’s hard drive.  All hardware should have an internal firewall, antivirus and anti-spy software and schedule regular updates to install operating system and application patches.

Secure Handheld Devices

Handheld and tablet devices are much easier to lose, misplace or steal and therefore need strong password protection. There is the option to use an app that will lock out the unauthorized users or erase the device data if it falls into the wrong hands. Configure bluetooth devices to turn off when not in use and configure them so they can not be found by nearby devices.  IT support may set up the ability to remotely delete all critical data without physical access to the device.

Look Beyond Cyber Danger

When you need a safe connection, you have to consider more than just the network you're sending data over. You also have to consider your physical surroundings; people may be looking for an unattended laptop or a computer user who's not paying attention. One solution could be to install a software security system on your laptop that locks your computer when you walk away to deter thieves and to recover laptops. When you're on the move, be sure to keep your laptop or other device close to you at all times, most especially in high-traffic areas such as airports, hotel lobbies or foreign countries.

Providing Safe Remote Support

For the most secure remote support for the weary road warrior, use a private cloud solution from Proxy Networks. Proxy Networks is a business-to-business solution for Remote Help Desk support, helping all your IT support team to safely provide remote support to your employees no matter where they work.


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