Replacing an SSL Certificate on your PROXY Pro Server

Hello Friends of Proxy,

The contents of this post applies to all customers on the PROXY Pro RAS Edition.

For many years, an SSL certificate could have a validity period of up to 5 years.  Then, industry circumstances changed that reduced their validity period down to 3 years, then eventually two years, and now most of them are valid for just one year at a time.

The PROXY Pro RAS Edition can use a self-signed certificate when used for internal purposes only but customers with externally-facing servers will need to replace the certificate once per year.  The rest of this post provides the instructions to swap out an old certificate with a new one and the entire process takes only one minute.

In order to swap out an expired certificate (or soon-to-be expired certificate) with a new one, there will be a tool called Server Configuration Check within the Proxy Networks program group on your PROXY Pro RAS server.  The purpose of this tool is to change settings such as a DNS alias, the port number being used and also the SSL certificate.

Run the Server Configuration Check tool, cycle through each page until you’re viewing the certificate selection page.  A list of certificates presently installed on the server will be presented and as long as it’s been installed to the server, following the certificate providers’ instructions, our tool will recognize it and list it as an available certificate that can be applied.  Select the new certificate and cycle to the next page in the SCC.  The tool will indicate that it’s going to apply the new certificate for both IIS as well as the Gateway.  Upon applying the change, the new certificate will now be in use – that’s it!

We hope this preventative technical tidbit will help ensure that your PROXY Pro RAS server instance continues running smoothly and in great health.  Thank you!

Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team

For any questions, we’re always available at or at 617-453-2700.