Running PROXY Pro v9? PROXY Pro v9.0.1 Hotfix #11 is available!

Hello Pals of Proxy,

Today’s blog update applies to any customers still using PROXY Pro v9.  Although we’re up to PROXY Pro v10.2 Hotfix #2 for our latest and greatest as of this writing, we have continued to patch and update the previous major version with security updates and bug fixes. To catch up on what is new in v9, please review our What’s New? PDF.

For customers still using v9 that have not yet moved to v10, we encourage upgrading to the newest-available in the v9 series.  The software zip file can be downloaded from our public FTP at in the v9.0.1.3156 Hotfix #11 folder.  For the sake of convenience, see below for the direct links.

Download v9.0.1 Hotfix #11 for PROXY Pro Workstation Edition

Download v9.0.1 Hotfix #11 for PROXY Pro Gateway Edition

Download v9.0.1 Hotfix #11 for PROXY Pro Private Cloud Edition

Thank you!

Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team