Same Products, New Names!

Hi Pals of Proxy,


It’s all the same – only the names will change!


Today’s post announces that we’ve officially changed the name of two of our products that have formerly been known as the Workstation Edition and Private Cloud Edition for the past several years.  The PROXY Pro Workstation Edition is now known as the PROXY Pro P2P Edition because the nature of the remote desktop connections are made in a peer-to-peer fashion.  We intend for the name change to more logically describe the connection style and feel that the name change would be sensible long-term.  Proxy’s P2P Edition includes the PROXY Pro Master, the viewer that gets installed on the technician’s computers, and the PROXY Pro Host (the client that runs on each of the endpoint machines.


The PROXY Pro Private Cloud Edition’s new name is now the PROXY Pro RAS Edition.  We are using “RAS” as an abbreviation for “Remote Access Server” to better represent that there’s a centralized server component brokering connections between the PROXY Pro Master viewers and the PROXY Pro Host machines.  The decision to remove the “cloud” reference stems from the fact that the server components does not necessarily reside in the cloud and instead typically reside within the customer’s environment behind their firewall.

Thanks for taking a moment to catch up with what’s new at Proxy Networks!


-Ryan Gallager