Sysadmins leaving remote access unsecured?

Hi Pals of Proxy,

We are happy you’ve made the switch to PROXY Pro, and we’re eager to bring on even more new customers for a busy and exciting Q2!

First thing’s first, this is not intended to be any April Fools joke.  VNC has been making internet headlines lately and the news has been relevant to our business and our customers.  While you may have some machines with VNC lingering, that may be just fine, depending on your environment.  We’ve found this pretty fascinating article showing that many people, including sysadmins, do not secure their remote access.

While the capabilities of VNC may be just great for some, we recognize and embrace the fact that needs will broaden, security policies will tighten, and a centrally managed remote access tool will eventually become a requirement.  Once that threshold is reached, we’re the people to see – but you already knew that.

The best way you can return the favor to Proxy Networks is by recommending our software to others in your industry.  Thanks for being a customer!

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