Top 10 Reasons to Switch to PROXY Pro Remote Desktop Software

Hello Helpdesk Supervisors and IT Managers,

Today we present you with the top 10 reasons to choose PROXY Pro for fast, reliable and secure remote desktop software for IT Support and Helpdesks!  Please click here to download this as a PDF.

As pioneers in the remote desktop software space, Proxy Networks has been improving IT support and helpdesk productivity for over 25 years.  The PROXY Pro RAS (Remote Access Server) solution can be perpetually owned and self-hosted behind a corporate firewall.  For those without the desire or means to self-host, Proxy Networks now offers a hosted version for an annual fee.  PROXY Pro RAS provides customers with the performance, ease-of-use, security and flexibility needed to meet a broad range of requirements and use-cases of the modern IT department or support helpdesk.


A proper solution for remote desktop must not excel only at delivering a fast, responsive remote control experience. Supplementary features such as File Transfer and Screen Recording can be convenient and helpful while also possibly posing concerns for security review teams.  PROXY Pro empowers administrative users with the ability to manage which capabilities are available to technicians, by user or group.


  • Remote View & Control
  • Installed & Temp Clients
  • Attended or Unattended
  • Permission to Connect
  • Search by User or PC
  • Screen Blanking
  • Monitor Select Toggle
  • Quality Optimization
  • Chat

  • Create Host Groups
  • Granular Rights Assignment
  • Realtime Activity Dashboard
  • Connection Auditing
  • Screen Recording & Playback
  • Export Recordings to WMV
  • Stealth Mode Connections
  • Wake-on-LAN



The PROXY Pro Web Console is the command center for remote support and administration.  Computers with the PROXY Pro Host will be accessible for connectivity through the web console and the best part is that it’s accessible from any device on any platform.

Each of the PROXY Pro Hosts (endpoints) are listed in the console by logged-in user, computer name or both and can even be grouped.  Machines will be easy to locate and just as easy to connect to.

Optionally, utilize the web console’s “Search” box to input partial usernames or computer names and matching results appear – click or tap the machine to instantly launch a remote control connection.


Customers appreciate the responsive, thorough support and guidance that Proxy Networks Support Team provides to customers throughout an implementation.  The PROXY Pro Deployment Tool is used for creating a Host Settings template that can contain and apply desired settings at installation time.  A variety of methods can be utilized for the actual deployment of the Host and customers are welcome to use their preferred means for software distribution


  • PROXY Pro Deployment Tool
  • Msiexec command
  • Group Policy
  • SCCM
  • Third party tools


Proxy Networks utilizes a proprietary Smart Transmission screen capture technology designed to dynamically capture and transmit screen data only from the screen coordinates that are changing.  Due to the reduced amount of screen data being captured, the result is a fluid, speedy experience each time.

Not self-hosting?  No problem – Proxy Networks uses Amazon EC2 server instances for hosting to deliver fast reliable performance in any region.

Screen capture preferences can be modified on-the-fly to optimize the performance of the remote control experience even with limited bandwidth availability.


  • Disable Client Background
  • Ignore Windows Aero Theme
  • Set Screen Capture Quality
  • Set Desktop Polling Intervals
  • Overall Capture Rate
  • Foreground Capture Rate
  • Background Capture Rate
  • Set Bandwidth Throughput Limit


Proxy Networks is the only remote desktop software company offering a special client license for supporting Thin Clients and VDI.  No separate tools necessary – the PROXY Pro Host client runs on each RDS server to capture and transmit screen data directly from the server and not the device the sessions are launched from.  The result is speedy, responsive performance every time.


  • Windows RDS
  • Wyse
  • Citrix
  • XenApp


The PROXY Pro Host client installs on any Windows PC and makes them accessible for connectivity at any time.  It runs as a service in the background within Windows and allows for either attended or unattended access depending on use cases or requirements.

  • No Permission Required
  • Click and get right in no questions asked
  • Grant Permission
  • Connect only with user permission
  • Request Permission
  • Connect with consent or after timeout expires

For extra security, the Host computer can be locked if permission isn’t explicitly granted by the end user, requiring the technician to log into Windows to begin using it.

The PROXY Pro Host can be configured to accommodate scenarios where machines are attended or unattended.

In considering the end-user side of the support experience, the PROXY Pro Host can be quiet and stealth or obvious and informative when connections are made and closed.

  • Host Tray Icon Appearance
  • When active, the tray icon can be hidden or visible
  • When idle, the tray icon can be hidden or visible
  • Audible Beep-on-Connect & Disconnect
  • Hear an audible chime when a connection is made or closed
  • The Host can beep every X amount of minutes
  • Popup Notifications
  • Notify via pop-up when connections start and end
  • Notify via pop-up when file transfers occur
  • Display a box with each connected user during sessions

Whether customers are connecting to a high-powered attorney’s laptop in a quiet courthouse or an unattended kiosk in a busy manufacturing plant, the Host can be configured to behave appropriately in any environment.


Certain tasks during a remote desktop connection require elevated rights and the Host on Demand can be “Pinned” into an elevated state for this reason.  When the Host on Demand is elevated (by either the user or the technician) it will launch as a service to allow the technician the ability to interact with UAC prompts and any elevated windows.  While some competitors lack this capability, keyboard and mouse control will always remain available to the technician throughout the session with PROXY Pro.  The Host on Demand will automatically re-launch itself following a reboot and it can be terminated and removed from the system by the user at any point.


Proxy Networks employs a broad spectrum of technologies to keep every aspect of its remote desktop software solution secured to the highest standards available in the industry.  Although the Windows Security Model is available by default, customers can now delegate authentication to Azure AD for those in need of multi-factor authentication.

Multi-tiered helpdesk managers can appreciate that machines can be grouped and access rights can be set on each.  Not everybody needs access to the same machines and Proxy can help enforce appropriate access policies.

Between end-to-end file transfer authentication, the Windows security model for identity verification, secure web sockets (WSS) protocol for data communications, IP address restrictions and more, PROXY Pro keeps customer data secure.  All connections are made across Proxy’s own proprietary transport and are fully encrypted using AES encryption (256-bit key) by default


  • Windows Security Model
  • Multi-factor Authentication via Azure AD
  • Role-based Access Policies
  • 256-bit AES Connection Encryption
  • TLS v1.2 (v1.0 & v1.1 unsupported)
  • Protocol Support for SSL, WS, WSS
  • End-to-End File Transfer Authentication
  • IP Address Restrictions
  • Disabling External Logins


PROXY Pro RAS keeps record of all logins and connections made and by who and the process of retrieving historical connection data has been made easy.  The Proxy Web Console’s “Analytics” tab can be used to generate comprehensive connection reports that list the identity of each user that connected to a Host machine within a specifiable time frame.  These reports will include connections launched from both the Web Console and the classic installed PROXY Pro Master viewer.

Either search by username to view each of the machines they connected to or specify a machine name to view a list of each of the users who connected to it.  Results can be printed directly from the web console or more commonly, exported into a more digestible format such as .XLSX or .CSV.

The Proxy Web Console’s “Activity” tab is more of a snapshot in time that reflects present activity and the “Analytics” tab is used to retrieve historical connection information that have occurred in the past.


  • View current logged-in technicians
  • View machines with active connections
  • View machines with active recordings
  • View machines reporting in from outside the LAN
  • View machines waiting for status updates

  • Generate report of technician login activity
  • Report on screen recordings by machine
  • Report on screen recordings by user
  • Generate report showing the machines a particular user connected to
  • Generate report showing the users who connected to a particular machine


PROXY Pro is licensed by concurrent user or by seat.  We would generate a quote based on how many technicians need to use the software at the same time or how many endpoints within the environment need to be accessed.  PROXY Pro RAS gives the option to own industry leading technology or on an annual, affordable subscription basis.