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It’s common for IT staff in to work outside the office and the manufacturing & industrial sector is no exception.  The manufacturing sector in particular has unique requirements when it comes to providing IT staff with flexible mobile work options while walking around a factory floor.  Since many factories operate 24 hours a day, IT staff may need immediate access to machines in the middle of the night from their own PC or mobile device.  The ability to access these systems without being present is a necessity with manufacturing / plant production and is crucial to an organization’s profitability.

Benefits of using a modern secure remote desktop solution like PROXY Pro to access industrial equipment include:

  • Efficiency and Safety  – Define safety levels for different personnel such as restricting access to remote view.
  • Searchable Directory – Organize machines to match that of your organizational unit structure within Active Directory and search by user or PC name.
  • Enhance Security – Role-based access policies ensure that only authorized users are allowed into view, access and take remote control of their groups of machines. 
  • Easier for Users – No need to learn additional interfaces; they simply log onto the system once and work within their applications as they normally would from a fixed workstation.
  • Heightened Compatibility – Legacy line of business software may not be supported across every device and operating system.  With browser-based remote control, any device with a modern browser can be used to access and run specialized software instantly.


Connect to your Equipment from Anywhere, Anytime

Here are just some of the reasons customers choose PROXY Pro:

  • Deployment Made Easy — Deploy the PROXY Pro Host to remote machines from our own tool or via preferred software distribution approach
  • Multiple Remote Control Tools — PROXY Pro Host client for persistent access or clientless Host On-Demand for impromptu support sessions
  • Instant Remote Control — Connect to both Internal and External machines, VDI’s and Thin Client sessions from any device
  • Audit Reports — Generate connection reports showing who connected to what and when, and for how long with optional screen recording
  • Technical & Implementations Support — Always available to ensure your implementation of PROXY Pro is healthy & working as advertised  

The Proxy Pro Web Console lets you effectively reach machines connected to your network – from anywhere, anytime — with maximum security.  Ask us for a product demo to find out if PROXY Pro can replace your current tools.