Proxy Networks Partner Program

Proxy Networks is a leading enterprise remote desktop software provider, supporting nearly a million remote dekstops and mobile devices both for enterprises as well as SMBs. We provide services to clients across vertical, servicing over 3.000 customers across three continents. With a 90% IT support and maintenance renewal rate, we have the track record to prove our commitment to our clients.

We work with selected resellers and distributors across the globe who share our mission for providing the best IT service desk and remote support tools to customers. Our extensive network of partners and resellers provide realiable, secure remote support solutions across a wide-range of geographic locations, taking IT management to a new level.
To find a reseller, or distributer in your area, or to become a PROXY Pro reseller.

PROXY Pro Helps Clients Improve Remote Support Efficiency

With just a few crucial uses, PROXY Pro simplifies the entire remote support process, cutting out unnecessary and costly tools, and streamlining remote support between reps and the workstations and end-users that they support. PROXY Pro makes it easy for our partners to introduce our remote support solutions to their customers who want to improve IT service quality, streamline IT efficiency across their department, and improve security compliance. Our partners enjoy faster resolutions and incident response times, higher customer satisfaction rates, and secure troubleshooting.

Here are just some of the reasons customers love PROXY Pro:

  • Improved IT efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Faster response and resolution times
  • Highly-secure sessions
  • Seamless remote support of complex connections and support of various systems at the same time
  • Always-On Service for attended and unattended machines
  • Easy integration with other operating systems
  • Simplified remote support management
  • Advanced collaboration tools
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