Take Advantage of Industry-Leading, Server-Based Screen Recording Technology

PROXY Pro is the industry's leading solution for high performance, highly scalable screen recording for call centers and quality management solutions. Our streamlined screen capture and image compression technologies enable us to produce ultra-small screen recording files, making it economical for call centers to record agent desktops 24x7x365. Our server-side recording approach supports industry-leading levels of concurrency (record hundreds of agent desktops simultaneously), responsiveness (handle large volumes of short calls), and scalability. As a result, PROXY Pro Screen Recording has been integrated into and deployed with the industry's largest call center and quality management software solutions.

Join the Proxy Networks OEM Program

Proxy Networks has a long tradition of working with OEM and VAR partners in the call center, digital wallboard, system management, helpdesk and other areas. We provide access to our components and technologies through the PROXY Pro 8 SDK Edition, as well as live technical support from our engineering team.

Proxy Networks has worked with nearly 50 partners over the last decade, and can be found integrated into thousands of call centers, helpdesks and command & control centers around the world.

Become a Proxy Networks OEM Partner

To become a Proxy Networks OEM Partner, please contact us, and one of our partner managers will get in touch with you promptly:

CONTACT PERSON: David Franklin
DIRECT NUMBER: 617-453-2715
EMAIL: dfranklin@proxynetworks.com

Representative OEM Partners

Co-nexus Inc., a Proxy Network representative OEM Partner.
Co-nexus Inc.

Co-nexus Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas is one of the nation's leading providers of call logging and quality monitoring solutions for contact centers. The CXM software suite offers modules for voice recording, multi media recording, agent performance evaluation and coaching tools and customer satisfaction surveys. For more information about CXM technology visit  www.4cxm.com or call us at 866.400.4296.

Barco, remote control software partner

Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: medical imaging, media & entertainment, infrastructure & utilities, traffic & transportation, defense & security, education & training and corporate AV.  For more information visit www.barco.com.

Komutel, one of Proxy Networks' representative OEM Partners.

Komutel is an Enterprise Communication Solutions Developer, specializing in development and marketing of innovative and evolutive software and cloud solutions in the telecommunications sector. For more information visit www.komutel.com or call at 1.877.225.9988.

ASC, one of Proxy Networks' representative OEM Partners.

ASC is a leading global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia-based communications. ASC's solutions reveal vital information, enabling companies and organizations to considerably improve their value creation: contact centers enhance customer service, efficiently deploy staff and increase productivity.  For more information visit http://asctechnologies.com/ or call at +49 (6021) 5001-264.