PROXY Pro 9 SDK Edition

PROXY Pro 8 SDK Edition

PROXY Pro 8 SDK Edition gives hardware and software vendors access to market-leading technology for proven (since 1998) high performance/scalable/reliable screen display and recording/playback via our acclaimed PROXY Pro 8 SDK, a robust software developer's kit with sample applications and excellent documentation to make your job easier.

Integrate PROXY Pro 9 Components Using the SDK Edition

Through PROXY Pro 9 SDK Edition, vendors can integrate full-screen:

  • Remote display capabilities
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Synchronize high-resolution recording to complement their existing audio recording capabilities
Integrate PROXY Pro 8 Components Using the SDK Edition

The result is the absolute best-in-class screen performance for Help Desk, digital wallboard displays, quality & full time monitoring/recording, auditing and archiving of call center desktop interactions.

Features and Benefits include

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and 2008 Server support
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Pause/Resume recording API to help meet PCI standards
  • Fast start/stop call support
  • Five "bandwidth saving" configurable filters to meet your network bandwidth constraints
  • Terminal Services "recording at the server" support
  • Firewall Friendliness for easy recording/monitoring access of remote, at-home-agents through their at-home firewalls/routers
  • Built-in remote control functionality eliminates the need to maintain a 2nd remote control tool
  • First class support to ensure you are successful during integration and your deployments to end user sites
  • Centralized auditing and archiving capabilities
  • Browser based playbacks without prior installation
  • Local archiving, multi-path archiving and playback control
  • Group Agent Access per Supervisor via Grouping Authorization and Access Rights
  • Ultra Monitor/Desktop Support
  • Industry's best simultaneous recording capability; record more Hosts per server
  • Support for multiple simultaneous applications to same Host from multiple Masters
  • Each SDK is certified against high performance/reliability and scalability criteria for fewer support issues for you to deal with
  • Windows level security and encryption
  • Manage Visual Effects
  • Host Prep Utility
  • Deployment tool to speed installation across all desktops at once
  • Throught the next year, Proxy Networks will be developing new, advanced solutions to meet PCI standards requirements and bandwidth efficiency needs


CONTACT PERSON: David Franklin
DIRECT NUMBER: 617-453-2715