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PROXY Air Remote Desktop As a Service

What is PROXY Air?  Fast, reliable, atteneded screen sharing on any platform.

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Proxy Networks Inc., a leading provider of on-premise remote desktop software for helpdesks and IT administrators, introduces PROXY Air, a hosted remote desktop-as-a-service platform.  For those looking to move away from on-premise remote desktop software tools or are without the means to self-host, Proxy Networks offers a service designed for on-the-fly support sessions along with a premium variant that adds grouping, user management capabilities, screen recording & playback, connection auditing and more. 

Standard features & capabilities with both PROXY Air and PROXY Air Dedicated: 

  • Take keyboard and mouse control of attended Windows or Mac from any platform via temporary client.
  • Transfer individual files or entire directories from one machine to another (PC and Mac).  
  • Toggle which monitor gets focused in the connection window; select primary, secondary or show all monitors.
  • View diagnostic information from Host PC.  Start/Stop/Restart services, kill processes, edit registry values, view Event Viewer logs and more – transparently behind the scenes.
  • Launch connections to one or many machines while consuming a single license either in individual windows or browser tabs.
  • All connections use TLS v1.2 over port 443 with AES-256 cipher.
  • Connections & file transfer events are written to Windows Event Viewer as evidence of connection history.

Standard features & capabilities exclusively with PROXY Air Dedicated: 

  • Take keyboard and mouse control of attended or unattended Windows machines via temporary and installed client.
  • Ability to install the Host which runs as a service, is always on and reporting into your tenant.
  • Create groups of Hosts based on business location or geographic location and set privileged access management policies to enforce who has access to what.
  • Initiate recordings with or without being connected, record desktop activity for training videos or set automatic recording policies that records a certain user or group all day.
  • Authentication via Microsoft Accounts allows for multi-factor authentication. Those with their own Azure AD may use it or new users can create a free account.
  • Centralized audit log safely stores records of all remote access activities. Report on who accessed what and when, for how long and more.
  • Dashboard for administrators displaying identities of each logged in user along with Host machine(s) with active connections, screen recordings in-progress and more.

See how PROXY Air can take the management out of remote desktop for you! 



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