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PROXY Pro Gateway Edition

The PROXY Pro Gateway Edition is an industry agnostic remote support and remote access software solution used by technicians and IT administrators to manage and connect to remote machines.  While utilizing the same PROXY Pro Master and PROXY Pro Host within our powerful Workstation Edition product, the Gateway Edition adds a centralized nature. Leveraging centralized administration and security, this edition adds off-network access and support for SSL, screen recording, playback and export to .wmv, true collaborative many-to-one connections, Wake on LAN and more.

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The PROXY Pro Gateway Edition consists of the following components:

  • PROXY Pro Master is the viewer, and is typically installed on your computer or a technician's PC
  • PROXY Pro Host is the remote access client, which is installed on each remote PC, runs as an always-on service and comes in three flavors based on license:
    • PROXY Pro Host software is for desktops, laptops, servers, virtual machines
    • PROXY Pro Host for VDI software is designed for virtual desktops used in non-persistent mode 
    • PROXY Pro Host for RDS allows individual Remote Desktop Services sessions to become accessible for connectivity
  • PROXY Pro Gateway is server-side software, acts as the "hub" between Masters and Hosts, and serves as your central point of management for remote access activity
  • PROXY Pro Deployment Tool eases the deployment of the PROXY Pro Host client, and is used to customize your settings and deploy the Host to remote machines.


The PROXY Pro Gateway Edition adds the following key features to the PROXY Pro Workstation Edition:

  • On &Off LAN support means you can connect to machines either inside or outside your corporate LAN
  • Many-to-One connectivity model means multiple users may connect to the same machine at the same time
  • Take screen recordings, with or without being connected and viewing their screen, set recording policies based on events and also export to .WMV 
  • Wake on LAN support enables you to send the magic packet to revive sleeping / hibernating machines
  • Centralized database of PROXY Pro Hosts allows for custom group creation based on department, location, business unit


A robust set of remote access capabilities and connection management functions include:

  • Remote Control, File Transfer, Remote Printing and Remote Management
  • Windows Security Model for Authentication
  • Client runs as an always-on service
  • Click-to-Connect, or require End User Permission
  • 256-bit AES Connection Encryption
  • Connection Logging to Windows Event Viewer
  • Set access whitelists or blacklists by IP range


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