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PROXY Pro - P2P Edition

The PROXY Pro P2P Edition is a simple, peer-to-peer style remote support tool enabling support representatives or technicians to take remote control of machines within a LAN. 

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The PROXY Pro P2P Edition consists of the following components:
  • PROXY Pro Master is console application for finding/accessing remote endpoints, and is typically installed on helpdesk or IT administration computer
  • PROXY Pro Host is endpoint screen capture application, which is installed on each remote endpoint
  • PROXY Pro Deployment Tool is a utility that facilitates mass deployment of the PROXY Pro Host endpoint software, and is used to customize your settings and deploy the Host to remote machines.

The P2P Edition was initially designed withSMBs in mind looking for an easy-to-use, secure on-premise remote support solution for a small number of remote desktops. It is also suited for enterprise workgroups that require remote access to desktops, laptops and servers within the boundaries of the LAN. Enterprise support reps can provide IT support and services to network segments of end-users on workstations.

The P2P Edition utilizes the PROXY Pro Master console application, which is the application used for connecting to client machines within your network running the PROXY Pro Host endpoint software. The PROXY Pro Host runs as a service in Windows and is always at-the-ready, and allows for connectivity from PROXY Pro Master users within the network. It is secured with Windows Authentication, can be configured require end-user permission to connect, or can even behave in complete stealth mode. The PROXY Pro Deployment Tool is also included, and it allows you to create a custom installation for your Host endpoints and push out the installation with your settings. Also, use "Update Host Settings" feature to update settings post-installation.


A robust set of remote access capabilities and connection management control features include:

  • Windows Security Model for authentication
  • Client runs as an always-on service
  • Permission to Connect Option
  • Double-click to Connect
  • 256-bit AES Connection Encryption
  • Connection Logging to Event Viewer
  • Set access whitelists or blacklists by IP range

Remote control features include:

  • Connect silently in complete stealth mode
  • Create a "Favorites" list of frequently accessed machines
  • Dual and multi-monitor friendly, plus monitor select
  • Suppress the keyboard and mouse of the end user
  • Simple Machine Search by computer name, user name, or IP address
  • Simple "drag and drop" file transfer
  • Remotely restart services, kill processes, edit registry


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