On-Premise Remote
Access Solutions

Thousands of IT managers are already convinced of the power of Proxy Networks’ remote access, remote control and remote desktop software capabilities.

Customers choose us for our secure, on-premise remote support solutions and for our proven track record of empowering IT administrators with the tools they need to manage remote access at their company, without a huge financial footprint.

With Proxy Networks’ remote desktop solutions, you ensure flexible remote support connections to any Mac or Windows machine, managing all of your remote desktop management needs in one, easy to use software product.


Proxy Networks Remote Desktop software solutions service every industry.  Our customers come from the largest enterprises and SMBs from around the world and from all verticals, including legal, healthcare, education, government, financial services, and professional services industries.  Our robust cross-platform remote desktop solutions allow IT Administrators to manage endpoints in their entire organization, from the most basic remote access needs to the most complex remote access scenarios.

Oil and Gas

PROXY Pro customers in Oil & Gas have chosen us because our flexible software reliably allows for connectivity to far-reaching machines with very limited bandwidth availability


Organizations in healthcare have selected PROXY Pro over our competitors because our software is securely self-hosted on your premises and can be kept within the boundaries of your network

Financial services

Banks, credit unions and IT departments within financial services choose PROXY Pro because all of their machines from all of their branches are accessible from a single interface, and managing who accesses them site-by-site is made easy


Universities, colleges and school systems K-12 have relied on PROXY Pro for remote access to student and faculty machines for support and remote assistance 

IT Support

Managed service providers prefer PROXY Pro to session recording and access off-network, unattended machines where end users are not necessarily in front of the target computer

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Industry Size

Our goal is to provide IT technicians, in any industry, with the most effective remote desktop software tools for their organization’s needs.  Whether you are an small business with one tech and 25 workstations, or a large enterprise with multiple support teams and 10,000+ workstations, Proxy Networks has the right remote support solutions for you. Depending on the size and needs of your business, we offer a range of remote desktop solutions that fit the functionality of your workstations.

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The Most Comprehensive Remote Control Experience

The challenges PROXY Pro solves for IT departments is the management of remote access.  Our remote support software comes in several versions, all powered by our PROXY Pro 10 architecture. Our goal is flexibility, and we have three remote desktop solutions, and each product can be configured to your company’s remote support needs.  Whether you are providing remote assistance in a remote support nature,  or if you've got trainers in need of accessing employee machines, Proxy Networks can offer the right solution.

All of our remote desktop solutions feature industry-leading security and customization, and allow your staff to fine-tune connection behavior (Stealth, or Verbose w/Prompt) and monitor each remote access connection.  

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Remote Access Solution

Collaboration Tools for Your Enterprise

Proxy Networks’ remote collaboration tools makes it easy for IT managers to stay in contact with their teams from anywhere, at any point, all while maintaining the highest level of security. Whether you’re on your mobile device or on your desktop, all of your remote support needs are just a click away.

Connect your teams, allow for file-sharing, problem solve, and streamline communication, task management, and efficiency in the process. For the IT department tasked with providing remote support to a complex network of workstations across multiple locations, Proxy Networks' collaboration tools offer the vital support link between IT staff and the computers that they maintain.

Remote system management for improved IT desk efficiency

Improved IT Helpdesk & Support Efficiency

The Proxy Networks product line increases the efficiency of your helpdesk staff because we make accessing the machines you're responsible for supporting a painless process, whether you prefer to search by computer name, user name or IP address.  With a complete list of machines available to your technicians, there's no waiting for the end user to act, when the machines are equipped with the PROXY Pro Host client.  From a technician's perspective, simply double-clicking the machine can launch a connection.  Because PROXY Pro is perpetually owned and runs within your environment, we do not own your data, and our pricing models are very competitive especially if you are currently utilizing a hosted remote access service for your business. 

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