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Why PROXY Pro Remote Support Software?

Please be sure to check out our latest PROXY Pro v10 Datasheet!

For over 20 years, Proxy Networks has been continually developing remote desktop support solutions for IT departments in enterprises and SMBs across industries and around the world.  We’ve been helping improve efficiency for IT support teams with comprehensive, cost-effective remote desktop solutions.

Our remote support tools service businesses across highly distributed environments, and provide customers with a secure remote access platform to help them manage remote access to end user desktops, laptops, servers, thin clients, virtual machines and beyond.  PROXY Pro allows helpdesk representatives to an effective, secure and easy way to remote control the machines they are responsible for managing, from server farms to training rooms, test labs, and more, all while maintaining the highest levels of security and protection against vulnerabilities since PROXY Pro runs on-premise within the custome renvironment.

We are dedicated to providing clients with best-in-class remote support tools and are constantly enhancing our software to add functionality, increase the range of use-cases and keep up with modern security standards required by the our customers.  Our most recent edition, PROXY Pro v10, features improvements such as smarter Host Searching, remote printing support for both 32 and now 64-bit machines, automatic reconnection upon conection termination (in the case of reboots) and more.  PROXY Pro is the preferred remote access management solution by IT departments for its reliability, security and overall performance, providing critical support to end users and machines who need on the fly support from your teams. 

Whatever your business’ remote support requirements may be, PROXY Pro's self-hosted on-premise remote access solutions can be configured to meet a wide variety of use-cases and scenarios.  Put us to the test!

Remote Support Software - Multi-Platform Remote Access Products

Welcome to the PROXY Pro 10 family of remote support solutions! As one of the leading remote desktop software options, PROXY allows you to support your end users and your customers on any remote PC or server, anywhere, anytime. Whether you provide support for physical workstations, virtual desktops, thin client users, attended or unattended computers on or off your network, PROXY can provide the right solution for your remote access needs.

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Instant Screen Sharing via the Proxy Host on Demand

On-Demand support sessions are possible with the Proxy Host on Demand. Customers who own the PROXY Pro RAS Edition have their own Proxy Web Console, which users may visit and click a button to share their desktop for true on-the-fly screen sharing without the need to pre-install any remote support software.  Plus, the Host on Demand can be elevated to run with Administrative rights (so you'll never be without input control during UAC prompts) yet the end user may still remove the client at any time. Ideal when providing support to non-corporately issued machines or personal machines.

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Remote Desktop Software Tailored to your Needs

The Proxy Deployment Tool, included in each software zip file, allows you to build your own settings templates depending on the behavior you need.  For example, some customers require stealth mode so that end users have no indication that you're watching them.  Customers in legal require that end users explicitly "Approve" a connection.  Regardless as to your industry, our Deployment Tool allows you to pre-configure the Proxy Host client with settings that are applicable for your use-cases and/or requirements, such as.the "Permission to Connect" setting, the license key, and lots more.  Deploying Proxy is a snap - watch this video to learn how!

Reporting on Remote Access Connections

Reporting on Remote Access Connections

We understand that auditing remote access connections has become a crucial requirement for nearly all industries.  Determining who connected to what and when is easy with the PROXY Pro RAS Edition. Simply plug in the username and view all machines they connected to, or plug in a machine name and view a list of each of the users who made a connection to the machine within a window of time you specify. Take a look at how you can run access reports in the remote software provided by Proxy! 

Fast, Secure, Reliable Remote Support Solutions

Fast, Secure, Reliable Remote PC Support Solutions 

In this short video, we'll demonstrate how quick and easy it is to use the Proxy Master to view a complete list of all available Proxy Host client machines and connect to any for remote control with a double-click. The Proxy Master is our installed viewer that we've had since Proxy's birth, and can be used in complement with the modern Proxy Web Console to launch connections.

Private Cloud Edition - Security

PROXY Pro RAS - Security

All Proxy Networks products use the Windows security model for authentication, enabling you to define all of your organization's remote security policies tied to your existing user accounts/groups in Active Directory. All connections are encrypted by default using AES 256-bit encryption, and our RAS product's server-side component supports connectivity over the SSL protocol, to validate the identity of your server to clients. Additionally, set IP address restrictions to create whitelists or blacklists that allow or disallow connectivity from certain segments of your network. To tie it all together, the PROXY Pro RAS Edition's Web Console includes dashboard-style views indicating present remote access activities, as well as connection reporting to determine who connected to what & when.

Whether you are a small business with 25 workstations to support, or a multinational enterprise with 10,000+ end users relying on your team, our remote access solutions are designed to accommodate a wide range of requirements.

Here is a brief list of some of the standard features across all products:

Search by IP, user name or computer nameIP Address RestrictionsClient-side Input Suppression
Windows Security Model for AuthenticationConnect only with permission, or withoutConnection Encryption
Bandwidth ThrottlingMonitor SelectRemote Printing (32 and 64 bit)
Connect attended or unattendedManage services, processes behind the scenesFile Transfer w/Resume
Multi-Monitor SupportStealth Mode SupportMuch, much more

To find out more, compare our products.

  • PROXY Pro


    Our entry level product includes the PROXY Pro Master viewer, the PROXY Pro Host client, and the PROXY Pro Deployment Tool.  The Master polls the network for available machines running the Host and can conveniently list them by user name, computer name or both.  Simply double-clicking a machine launches a connection - making Proxy's P2P Edition an ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking for the best on-LAN remote access tool available.  Our remote control software is licensed on a per-seat basis.

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  • PROXY Pro


    Our flagship product adds the Proxy Web Console and it's designed to facilitate connectivity to machines from anywhere and anytime from a web browser.  With this specific remote control software comes the Proxy Host on Demand, allowing users to share their screens instantly for true on-the-fly support sessions.  Administrators of the Proxy Web Console enjoy a dashboard view of current remote access activity, and may also run audit reports to determine who used Proxy to access what and when. Own, operate and manage your own remote access support portal on premise.

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