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Remote Desktop Support for Financial Institutions

We understand that IT directors and LAN managers in the financial services industry require secure and effective remote access & remote support software tools.  PROXY Pro has helped countless institutions in the financial services industry standardize on one tool for remote access.  For those using multiple tools, remember that for every tool, there's different security implications, different points of management and multiple places in which connection audits would be logged.  PROXY Pro provides a robust single point of management for all of your remote access needs and countless customers in financial services agree. 

When choosing your remote support tool, note that many are hosted services which are not always ideal.  Remember that with hosted services, connecting to the machine across the hall means that screen data is being sent to the cloud and back down again.  With PROXY Pro, connections like these never leave your network.  PROXY Pro is perpetually owned, runs on-premise, and does not have any requirement of being open to the internet.  Connections can be silent with no end user interaction, or they can be obvious and require the end user to let you in - it's your choice.  Our customers are empowered to define their own remote access rules - just the way it should be.

PROXY Pro v10 is the complete package at all angles, with key remote support security components such as authentication, authorization, SSL protocols, IP address restrictions, and more.  Proxy Networks lets you maximize your IT efficiency by centralizing all of your remote support needs into one product, removing unnecessary and costly tools in the process.  

Proxy Networks is proud to have earned the business of hundreds clients in the financial services industry and here's why they chose us. 

You're in control of how connections look and feel on the other side.

Define your own security policies and generate remote access reports.

Daily users of the PROXY Pro Master will want want some creature comforts.

The PROXY Pro Host client has evolved into the following variants, optimizised for the following scenrios:

Support Workstations across Distributed Environments and Locations

PROXY Pro solutions let you support all of your end-users and devices both on and off your network. Proxy Networks lets you take remote control of any desktop, laptop, tablet or server no matter where you are.  PROXY Pro is a scalable remote desktop software platform serving customers with numerous locations spanning the globe.  Deliver access to remote servers and offer helpdesk assistance, train employees, host online meetings, and more.  Whatever the scale of your remote support needs are, we guarantee improved remote support capabilities. Contact us to find out more.