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Secure Remote Desktop Solutions for
Healthcare Institutions

There are few IT environments as demanding as healthcare.  Healthcare professionals move from local to remote computing and from one device to another while conducting their day-to-day activities, and your IT department needs a way to support them in a variety of scenarios.  IT specialists must now support an increasing number of devices serving multiple purposes, being patient monitoring systems, touch screen kiosks at the front desk and of course, traditional desktops and laptops used by staff.    

Protecting patient data while supporting doctors, medical staff and complex systems is a huge challenge for support teams.  PROXY Pro v10 will improve your remote desktop & remote support process while adhering to industry standard security protocols instilled in organizations like yours.

PROXY Pro Security Measures

With PROXY Pro, sensitive patient and payment data stays safe.  PROXY Pro offers the highest standards for industry security to ensure your organization remains compliant with regulations such as the HITECH Act and HIPAA.


  • PROXY Pro utilizes the Windows Security Model for authentication
  • Authenticate using domain accounts, or local accounts created on the server itself
  • Disabling an account in AD conversely disables an account in PROXY Pro
  • New for PROXY Pro RAS in v10, authenticate with Microsoft Accounts


  • Define who has access to what based on Windows Account / Domain Group
  • IT users might require anytime access to server-class machines, while support folks might only need access on-demand


  • All connections are fully encrypted by default using state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption
  • Connection encryption can be enabled/disabled at the client and server side if requested
  • LDAPS support is standard and can be enabled should the environment require it

Permission to Connect

  • The PROXY Pro Host client's default setting is "No Permission Required", and can be configured to allow connections only with user consent
  • The Host's "Grant" option allows connections only with the end user's explicity permission before automatically being timed out
  • The Host's "Request" option prompts the user like with "Grant", but when no response is given, the connection occurs (knocking before entering)
  • Should the Host machine be sitting at the "Windows Login" or "Locked" screen, the "Permission to Connect" box can be bypassed

Applied Usage of SSL 

  • The PROXY Pro server can be protected by an SSL certificate, installed onto the server as per the instructions of your provider
  • The PROXY Pro Web Console runs as a website in IIS, and can be bound to an address you create, such as (requires a valid certificate)
  • By default, the PROXY Pro Gateway component brokers connections locally on UDP and TCP, and is also ready to become internet-facing via SSL, WS and WSS

IP Address Restrictions 

  • First and foremost, all PROXY Pro products will adhere to the rules of your own network and/or firewall
  • Creating whitelists or blacklists to allow or disallow inbound connection attempts from certain entities of your network further protects from unauthorized usage
  • Such restrictions can be set on both the TCP and SSL protocol (not available with UDP)

Real-Time Analytics & Auditing

  • View activity dashboards indicating present remote access activity, and run remote access reports to determine who connected to what and when
  • PROXY Pro Web Console's "Activity" tab indicates a snapshot in time as to current remote desktop license usage and remote desktop activity
  • PROXY Pro Web Console's "Analytics" tab allows for custom reports, indicating how many connections a user made and for how long
  • Screen Recording triggers can be made upon connection start and end, user log in & log out, contact us for more

Remote control from anywhere, anytime

The PROXY Pro RAS Edition lets you take remote control of any machines connected to your network from anywhere, anytime— with a security policy you define.  It provides a centralized solution that allows end-users to boost efficiency, while cutting costs at the same time.
The RAS component lives on a Windows Server in your environment, so customers independently control their remote access & remote desktop process.  Administrators like offering easy to use key features, including on & off network remote access, on demand screen sharing, file transfer, chat, many-to-one collaborative connections, as well as screen recording and playback.