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Remote Support Solutions for
Managed Service Providers 

Own, operate and manage your own remote desktop support service under your roof with the PROXY Pro.  Not to be confused with a cloud service, the PROXY Pro RAS Edition runs on a server(s) fully within your environment, under your control and using your own bandwidth.  IT departments should have control over the remote desktop connection process to their clients, where the connection attempt be obvious and with user permission, or completely quiet in stealth mode with no indication whatsoever that the machine is being remotely controlled. 


Hosted remote desktop service providers are convenient but are not always ideal, in noting how security requirements are tightening and evolving.  Remember that with hosted services, connecting to the machine across the hall means that screen data could be being sent to the cloud and back down again.  With PROXY Pro RAS, connections like these never leave your network.  PROXY Pro products are perpetually owned, they run on-premise, and have no requirement of being open to the internet.  Connections can be silent with no end user interaction, or they can be obvious and require the end user to let you in - it's your choice.  Our customers are empowered to define their own remote access rules - just the way it should be!


Increase Customer Satisfaction, Improve IT Efficiency

PROXY Pro v10 is the evolution of 20+ years worth of feature requests submitted by those that manage computer networks and helpdesks.  Here’s why MSPs have chosen PROXY Pro for their remote support needs: