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Remotely Supporting Legal Professionals with PROXY Pro

PROXY Pro has earned its way into thousands of IT departments at law firms for virtues like reliability, stability and the security and peace of mind that our on-premise tools offer.  Proxy Networks is also a proud partner of Intelliteach, a leading support services provider specializing in both accounting and legal IT.  The "hub" component in our hub-and-spoke model is the PROXY Pro RAS Server, and this runs on a Windows Server 2012, 2016 or2019 within the customer environment.  Its job is to negotiate connections made between technicians using the PROXY Pro Master viewer, and end user machines running the PROXY Pro Host client.  Our model allows the IT manager to define who, by user account, is permitted to connect to what groups of endpoints.  This ensures that remote access capabilities are granted only to those with valid credentials and much more.   

The PROXY Pro family of remote support solutions is designed to streamline your current remote access workflow so that end users receive the remote support they requested quickly, painlessly, and securely.

Centralize the Management of Your Remote Support Needs

Of the many reasons to consider PROXY Pro, here are five major reasons legal organizations have chosen us for all of their remote support needs:

Secure Remote Support from Anywhere, Anytime

The PROXY Pro RAS Edition comes with its own web console software allowing for quick, clientless remote access to machines inside or outside of your organization, attended or unattended, with or without permission by the end user.  The beauty of PROXY Pro is that our customers are free to define their own remote access policies and rules, and we provide the software tools to accomplish just that.  We also have a unique way to support users within Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services) which further eliminates the needs for extra shadowing tools.  Get instant remote control of internal and external machines, VDI’s and Thin Client sessions either in or outside your network. The PROXY Pro Web Console centralizes all of your IT remote access needs, removing the need for multiple costly remote access tools as a result.

Our remote access solutions also allow users to create screen recordings, all with maximum security. Our highly professional and responsive tech support staff are always on-call to provide assistance.