Proxy Networks is an Industry-Leading Enterprise Remote Support Software

Proxy Networks' wide range of Remote Desktop Software solutions and product offerings allow IT professionals to securely remote support desktops, mobile devices and servers. Our advanced remote desktop and mobile support capabilities boost IT performance by providing IT staff with a robust, yet easy to use, and secure set of remote support solutions to manage any system or device– from Windows systems and Thin Clients to virtual computers.

Since 2005, many thousands of customers across three continents have joined the Proxy Networks family. We consider our customers to be the best proof of our efficiency – over 90% renew their Proxy Networks maintenance and support services each year.

Our mission is to provide fast, easy-to-use and secure remote support solutions for help desk technicians, network administrators and IT managers. We offer remote desktop, remote control and remote access tools to SMBs and enterprises in the legal, healthcare, education, government, financial services, and professional services industries. PROXY Pro is used by thousands of customers every day to securely remote support millions of desktops, servers and mobile devices around the globe.

As pioneers in Remote Desktop Software & Remote Support solutions, Proxy Networks has been improving IT remote support and workforce productivity for customers around the world for over 20 years. We are known for our robust and secure On-Premise remote desktop software and remote support solutions. Also, we were one of the first companies to market with a web-based console with our PROXY Pro RAS Edition. The PROXY Pro RAS Edition gives you the performance, security and flexibility to meet all of your remote support needs.

Remote Desktop Software Support for Enterprises and SMBs

Proxy Networks specializes in developing collaboration, remote desktop software and remote support solutions for businesses of all sizes, including enterprises and SMBs. We act like a bridge between the IT staff and the connections that rely on them, providing critical support whenever needed.

With Proxy Networks, remote desktop control and remote support are more secure, dependable and comprehensive. We let IT staff manage the key functions and tools needed to meet the company’s unique IT support needs and roles. Connections to PC’s, servers and mobile devices can be managed anytime from the most isolated locations, whether we're talking about your workstation or your iPhone.

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10 Reasons Customers Choose Proxy Networks:

Functionality Made Easy

Proxy Networks offers all the tools you need to operate efficiently. Key features include On & Off network remote access, on demand screen sharing, file transfer, connection auditing/reporting, and many more.

Connections Made Easy

Our multiple connection options and configurations allow you to search and connect from anywhere to anyone, at any time. You can even manage connections from your mobile device.

Deployment and Remote
Support Made Easy

Technical specialists are available around clock and our flexible Proxy Deployment Tool lets you easily create server and endpoint settings customized just for you.

Remote Control Fast

PROXY Pro RAS Edition is an On-Premise, installed software that runs within your own environment. No jumping to any “cloud” and back just to connect to the machines across the hall.

Remote Support for
Thin Clients & VDI

Proxy Networks is the only remote access software company that allows you to access and support users’ Thin Client sessions and Virtual Machines (VDI). No separate tools necessary.

Always-On Features

Our simple Proxy Host client application runs as a service in Windows, so it’s always on and at the ready. You can access remote machines instantly, whenever you want.

Host On-Demand Services

When accessing remote machines that don’t have the Proxy Host client installed, the Proxy Host on Demand can be launched to make the machine visible for connection. Talk about true, on-the-fly connections!

Highly Secure Authentication
& Encryptions

Between end-to-end authentications for connections, the Windows security model for identity verification, the SSL protocol for data communications, and IP address restrictions, Proxy Networks will keep your data secure.

Auditing and
Analytics Capabilities

The Proxy Web Console generates reports on all users that have connected with the Proxy Hosts. Administrators can use our Analytics capabilities to see snapshots of current users and active sessions.

Flexible Options that are
Affordable on Any Budget

With Proxy Networks, you can choose a pricing option that best suits your organization’s needs now and in the future.

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Proxy Networks is focused on developing, marketing, selling and supporting the PROXY Pro products and technologies, initially developed by Funk Software, Inc. Proxy Networks continues to be a profitable company and is privately held.

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