Documentation Notice - New User Orientation Guides for PROXY Pro RAS now available!

Hello PROXY Pro RAS Edition Customers,

One of the responsibilities I have at Proxy Networks is to ensure that each new customer gets up and running smoothly, and that they are left feeling comfortable and confident using the software. While we take the opportunity to provide either a one-on-one or group training session to help you hit the ground running, it simply might not be possible to spend time with every single person. So, we’ve put together a pair of New User Orientation Guides that are intended for Administrative users and Master users.

The Administrative User Orientation guide will cover each of the areas of the software that we want any new administrative user to know (or to at least be aware of) and the Master User Orientation guide is intended for consumption by everybody else using PROXY Pro or PROXY Air. In these guides, we’ll provide an introduction and an orientation to each of the common interfaces you’ll see within the product, a tour of the connection windows along with callouts to each of the important functions and more.

These and other resources are available on the Documentation page at website.

While they are intended to be consumed by those new to the software, even long time PROXY Pro veterans might learn something new! Either way, we hope this will be a helpful training resource going forward.

Thank you very much for keeping up with us!

Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team