Proxy Networks Inc., a Boston-based provider of remote desktop support software, has announced an extension to their platform support to include Chromebook devices, primarily favoring but not limited to customers in education. A few months ago, Proxy Networks released their Host for Mobile on both Android and iOS platforms for view-only, allowing support technicians the ability to remotely view screen data on those devices to help users through issues.

With an increase in remote learning planned for the new school year starting in September, and a rollout of Chromebook devices to students and in some cases staff as well, Proxy Networks needed to be able to provide a product that would be compatible with these devices. The sudden surge in deployments and usage of this new device type posed a challenge for the company because Chromebooks had not yet become a supported platform through this point.

Fortunately, the challenge was not too great for the engineering team behind the PROXY Pro product line. They were able to successfully leverage some the technology that had already been developed for the Host for Mobile [Android] and make the proper adaptations and enhancements for Chromebook to ensure reliable screen capture.

Beginning with their release of PROXY Pro v10.3 Hotfix #2, a Chromebook user may either download the app on their own or an IT department could use their preferred MDM solution to centrally distribute the app to managed devices. The company has provided their own set of guidelines for those looking to deploy it via MDM.

Proxy Networks has been a competitive player in the education sector for many years, between school districts in K-12 as well as colleges and universities. In the interest of accommodating the needs of existing customers as well as new, Proxy Networks will continue to monitor the market demands and respond with updates to their products appropriately.