PROXY Pro v10.3 Hotfix #4 is now available!

Hello Friends of Proxy Networks,

We’re posting to announce the release of PROXY Pro v10.3 Hotfix #4!

The new software version is available from the Download page on our website and our upgrade guides are located on the Documentation page.

We will be upgrading PROXY Air servers, our hosted remote desktop service, over the course of the next couple weeks starting as soon as next Saturday evening during the next planned maintenance window. 

A complete listing of incremental changes can be found in our “What’s New?” release notes.  For your convenience, I have extracted the list of changes specific to today’s release below:  

• Important fixes in the Gateway Server address scenarios where Host would be listed as an “OK” status when the system should have known that was not correct (e.g. Host should be marked “Offline” or “Unreachable”). Note that one issue affecting Hosts with reverse connections was introduced in v10.3 Hotfix#3, but there are other scenarios and fixes in this area from earlier releases.

• Several important reliability fixes are included in the Host component.  Although the issues rarely occur, it’s recommended that Hosts be upgraded where possible to avoid these issues.

o Host deadlock at exit makes service uncontrollable and cannot stop.o Host clipboard cache confusion results in Host being stuck in “Host in Use” state after connection ends.o Host Service power management notification handling improved so that Host is able to report shutdown consistently, allowing Gateway Server to mark the Host as “Offline”; previously, some machines with Windows 8 (or later) “Fast Startup” power management mode enabled were not reporting, resulting in an “Unreachable” or other status.

• Gateway Server “Wake on LAN” functionality enhanced to send an additional wake packet to the /24 subnet broadcast address of the Host. This is in addition to the last known IP address, and the general broadcast address For example, a wake request to address previously sent packets to and; now, an additional packet is sent to (the IPv4 address with the last octet set to 255).

• Web Console HTML5 “Connect in Browser” client fixes client-side performance issue.

• Web Console > Accounts > Gateway Identities view, Export data, now includes each user’s last login time.

• Host on Demand for Windows now provides expected elevation prompts if the console user is a member of the local “Power Users” group.

• Host for iOS and Host for Android have been updated in their respective App Stores. As of this writing, current version is v10.3.3889. New features include:

- Support for device-wide “Dark mode” display option.

- Sleep management – options to keep device awake while connection is active.

- Other minor user interface improvements.o Support for Mobile Device Management (MDM) deployment and configuration.

- Web proxy support for Android devices (previously available on iOS).

- Additional options under Settings for extension tags.o Ability to more easily configure diagnostic logging, and share the logging if you experience issues.

• All PROXY installers have Property value “ALLUSERS”=1, which resolves a compatibility issue with deploying the software via Microsoft InTune.

• Latest OpenSSL release (v1.1.1i) incorporated into product.

Thanks for keeping up with us!

Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support Team