PROXY Pro v10.4 Hotfix #1 is now available!

Hello Friends of Proxy Networks, 

We have just released PROXY Pro v10.4 Hotfix #1.

The new software version is available from the Download page on our website and our upgrade guides are located on the Documentation page.

Our first hotfix for version 10.4 introduces a few enhancements and addresses a couple bugs.  Customers on v10.4 FCS are encouraged to upgrade.  We have addressed a problem with the Beep on Connect, identified a corner case where a connection permission setting did not work, among a few other items.  Below you will find a raw copy/paste from the release notes which covers full detail on each of the items: 

Host “Beep on Connect”

The Host “Beep on Connect/Disconnect” feature was inadvertently broken in the v10.4 FCS release.  If this feature is important to your users, please upgrade the Host to this Hotfix release. 

Host Permission To Connect, Sensitive to Lock Screen

The Host Access settings, Connection Permission, “Do not prompt for permission on logon or lock screen” was not correctly recognizing the lock screen in Windows 10 if the system User Accounts > Advanced > Secure sign-in setting was set to not require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to log in.  The Host now recognizes and handles this case correctly, so the Host Connection Permission feature works as expected. 

PROXY Pro RAS Recording Analytics

PROXY Pro RAS did not guarantee the collection and storage of events reported in the Analytics > Recording reports.  New recordings, and playback of those recordings, are now guaranteed to be collected and reported on. 

RAS Gateway Management of Host Status

The RAS Gateway has a few changes related to properly maintaining and reporting on the status of its relationship with Hosts.  Hosts that report to the RAS Gateway and experience an authentication problem are now consistently identified as “Authentication Problem” status.  The RAS Gateway no longer makes outbound connections to Hosts (per the Update Host Status Every setting) if the Host reported in via SSL or WSS protocol, or if the last network connectivity kept a reverse connection. This reduces the load on the Gateway Server and avoids unnecessary network traffic. 

Azure Active Directory with Many Groups

The PROXY Pro Server now detects when a user authenticates via Azure AD and group memberships are omitted because more than 200 groups would be returned in the result.  The Server does not allow the user login and reports error 0x8A0C01DB with message "User authenticated successfully, but has too many group memberships to be processed correctly.  Reduce the number of group memberships, or contact Support for other options.”  This issue is best addressed by modifying the application registration in Azure AD to limit the groups reported to the PROXY Pro Server. 

Web Console Security Editor Improvement

When using the Web Console to edit Group security, and inheritance is broken (changing “Inherit permissions” from Yes to No), the set of security added via the “Add” button did not include all previously allowed access if any users or groups inherited security from more than one parent. This is fixed, so this operation will not lose or omit any previously granted rights. 

Various User Experience Improvements: 

A number of places in the product have improved messaging to clarify the root cause when something goes wrong, or to otherwise generally be more accurate and provide useful, actionable information. Areas of improvement include the installers (including indicating when a manual reboot is required after installation or upgrade on Windows Server 2019), F1=Help support, the documentation linked to by F1=Help, dialog improvements in Deployment Tool, Web Console message when in Limited Administrator mode, and installed Master now includes detailed error code, as well as descriptive Status state, for Hosts in certain non-OK statuses.

That will do it for this update, thank you very much for keeping up with us!

Ryan Gallager

Proxy Networks Support team