PROXY Pro v10.5 Hotfix #2 is now available!

Hello Friends of Proxy Networks,

We have just released PROXY Pro v10.5 Hotfix #2!

The new software version is available from the Download page on our website and our upgrade guides are located on the Documentation page.

Shortly after the release of v10.5 Hotfix #1, an issue was reported that can impact reliability. That issue is now fixed in this release. Due to reliability improvements mentioned below, all customers running PROXY v10.5 (First Customer Ship) or Hotfix #1 are encouraged to upgrade to this Hotfix #2 at their earliest convenience. This is particularly important for the PROXY Pro RAS components, but PROXY Pro Host and PROXY Pro Master for Windows are potentially affected as well and should be upgraded too.

In addition, we have addressed a couple more corner cases, as well a permissions-related file transfer problem on PROXY Pro Host for Mac. 

Transport Reliability

PROXY Pro v10.5 introduced revised network transport code that improved efficiency and server capacity. Several issues have been addressed, including a scenario seen in some cloud deployments where the Gateway Server could become unresponsive.

Server Management of LAN Hosts via UDP

In a LAN environment where Hosts are configured to report to the Gateway Server via the UDP protocol, incorrect Host status could be reported due to quirks in the PROXY UDP-based transport. This problem is aggravated by an issue in the Host v10.0 through v10.4. Customers using UDP on the LAN are encouraged to upgrade Hosts and their Server(s) to this Hotfix. This issue manifests as an error code 0xC004C000 when it occurs.

Host for Macintosh Clipboard Transfer fix

When transferring files via clipboard to or from the Host for Macintosh, the “root” identity was used for the file operations. This identity does not have access rights on many user-specific folders like Desktop, Documents, and Downloads, leading to errors. File operations are now performed as the logged-in console user.

Identity Manager “Request Too Long” error

Authentication via Identity Manager involves a number of long cookies in the browser. If these cookies are not managed properly, a “Request Too Long” error can occur while logging in. When this happens, the user must close all browser 4 PROXY Pro version 10.5 What’s New instances, or otherwise clear session cookies, to reset the state. A change has been made in Hotfix #2 to reduce the number of cookies that can accumulate, which mitigates this issue.

System Information Report

The PROXY System Information Report has been improved to ensure all relevant information is collected, and to clarify the root cause of various cases where data cannot be collected.