PROXY Pro v10.5 Hotfix #3 is now available!

Hello Friends of Proxy Networks,

We have just released PROXY Pro v10.5 Hotfix #3!

The new software version is available from the Downloads page on our website and our upgrade guides are located on the Documentation page.

Major changes in this release:

Host Settings Updater is now the Host Updater: The Host Settings Updater utility introduced in PROXY v10.2 has been enhanced to take advantage of a feature in Host v10.3 and later that allows the push installation of Host software updates through a PROXY Pro Server to machines under management running Host v10.3 or later. See the PROXY Pro Host Updater guide available at Documentation page for more information.

OpenSSL: Latest OpenSSL release (v1.1.1t) incorporated throughout the product.

Server Configuration Check: This utility now highlights more clearly when there is a configuration problem.

Meta4 (now Cegid Peoplenet) ClickOnce Helper: The third-party Meta4 ClickOnce helper for Chrome was updated to v1.3, and changed its internals in a way that prevents earlier versions of PROXY from detecting that it’s installed and available. This release of PROXY correctly detects both v1.2 and earlier, and v1.3 and v1.4 of that utility. (Note that this extension has been further updated to v1.4 and has been rebranded as “Cegid Peoplenet ClickOnce launcher”, offered by Cegrid Spain S.A.). 

Host Settings fix: An issue was introduced in Host v10.5 HF#1 that affected Hosts reporting to an improperly configured Gateway Server (Gateway Server that has an SSL certificate selected, but that certificate is not available on the server machine). In this case, the Host can lose its list of configured Gateways, along with some other settings, when reporting to such a Gateway. This occurs most often when the server certificate is replaced, the old certificate is deleted, and only IIS is updated, not the Gateway Server. Administrators should use the Server Configuration Check utility to ensure both IIS and Gateway Server are updated properly when a new certificate is installed.

HTML5 Remote Control and Recording Playback: A number of issues were fixed, specifically in recording playback, that could occur in less-common situations.

Deployment Tool Installation: The Deployment Tool could not be installed on a system with the (non-default) “AlwaysInstalledElevated” Windows Installer option enabled. This Windows Installer option is now supported by this, and all other, PROXY installers.

Gateway Server Robustness: The Gateway Server could wait indefinitely, tying up resources, if Host(s) reported in for status and did not proceed with the wire protocol correctly. This resulted in 0xC004C055 errors that prevented new/additional connections.

Updated Host for Macintosh and Master for Macintosh: The Host and Master for Macintosh have been updated with a new runtime for improved reliability, and with a small number of minor issues fixed. The Master for Macintosh is now distributed as a standard “PKG” format, instead of the previous DMG format. Note that Macintosh software now requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

Updated Master for iOS: The Apple AppStore now has an updated Master for iOS application for use with PROXY Pro Server. This includes recording playback fixes, and significantly improved on-screen keyboard support. Note that this version of Master for iOS now requires iOS 15 or later.