PROXY Pro v10.5 Hotfix #4 is now available!

Hello Friends of Proxy Networks,

We have just released PROXY Pro v10.5 Hotfix #4!

The new software version is available from the Downloads page on our website and our upgrade guides are located on the Documentation page.

It is recommended that all customers upgrade to this release, especially those that did not upgrade to the previous hotfix. One key improvement is that the Host now attempts a self-repair upon restart if it becomes damaged by a Windows upgrade to the latest Win11 release. This is a somewhat rare problem but has been reported by several customers.

Other changes in this hotfix include:

Installed Master for Windows: This release adds a new checkbox in Options > Other Services which enables the Master to request Input Suppression of Hosts v10.3 or earlier. This ability was removed from Master v10.4 when Screen Blanking was introduced to ensure the user experience was consistent and reliable. Host v10.4 and later advertise whether they support and allow Input Suppression and Screen Blanking, so buttons are enabled only when appropriate. By checking the new checkbox, the Suppress Input button is enabled for older Hosts, and the old functionality that the user can request this by clicking the button, and the button will not remain down if it’s not allowed, is restored.

Installed Master for Windows: a bug prevented the Master from saving per-connection Remote Control and File Transfer settings for items in the Favorites and History lists; this has been fixed.

Host for Macintosh: significant stability improvements in the Host for Macintosh. Reported problems with very high resource usage have been addressed. All customers using Host for Macintosh are encouraged to upgrade to this new release.

Host Updater Tool: The Host Updater tool had a number of UI issues addressed. There were no significant functional issues. There are significant improvements to the robustness and clarity of input validation and error messages.

Host Status: if the Gateway Server is restarted while Hosts have reverse connections, when the Gateway Server starts again the Hosts initially had “OK” status before they reported back in to the system. Hosts should report back fairly quickly, so this was a minor issue, but if a Host fails to report back in at all, it would have kept the incorrect “OK” state. This loophole has been fixed.

OpenSSL: OpenSSL v3.0 (Long-Term Support) has been incorporated into PROXY. The latest OpenSSL release in that series (v3.0.10) is now used.

ZLIB compression library has been updated to v1.2.1