PROXY Pro v10.5 Hotfix #6 is now available!

Hello Friends of Proxy Networks,

We have just released PROXY Pro v10.5 Hotfix #6! Because of the security-related improvements, all PROXY Pro Server customers are encouraged to update to this new release.

The new software version is available from the Downloads page on our website and our upgrade guides are located on the Documentation page. It is recommended that all customers upgrade to this release, especially those that did not upgrade to the previous hotfix. 

Changes in this hotfix include:

Security-related Improvements

- One cross-site scripting (XSS) issue was identified and fixed.

- The PROXY Identity Manager now has its own password guessing attack logic for Windows accounts, layering on top of the account lockout policies in Windows. This ensures that password guessing attacks cannot be performed, even if the Windows account lockout policies are either not in place or are generous enough to allow an attack. Note well that is only for Windows local and Active Directory accounts; authentication through Azure AD/Entra ID is not affected, and relies on the policies established in those directories.

- The Gateway Server cipher selection has been strengthened to allow only the strongest ciphers while maintaining backward compatibility. Gateway Server running on Windows Server 2012r2 or earlier offers more ciphers than on Windows Server 2016 or later for compatibility reasons.

Host SSL Certificate: Host service now uses SSL certificate from the “ProxyHostService\MY” store only, and does not use or store certificates in the Local Machine store. This resolves some compatibility problems with other applications.

ServerConfigCheck: On a configuration change, the ServerConfigCheck utility now ensures that the Gateway Server stops politely, and is restarted, or it now reports a clear error message that there was a problem. Previously, it could try to restart the service, leave the service stopped, and not report an error.

PROXY System Information Report: Several improvements have been made to the system information report to collect more information about the system configuration.

File Transfer Improvements: The File Transfer feature has a number of performance, reliability, and error handling improvements, including a fix for a regression in the “progress” dialog where file progress was not shown (was stuck at “0%”). Many fixes only require the Master to be upgraded, but all benefits accrue when both Master and Host are updated to this release.

OpenSSL: OpenSSL v3.0.13 is incorporated into this release.

Updated Redistributables: The Microsoft OLEDB SQL Driver and Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 included with the Server Products installer have been updated to the latest releases. PROXY Pro Server requires any version of these components to be installed; these specific versions are not required by the PROXY Pro Server but are recommended by Microsoft to address security issues.